17 Days of Green: The First #17daysofgreen

17 Days of Green 2013

17 Days of Green, Day 1: March 1, 2013

17 Days of Green Day 1
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Oh, those jeans. Those colored jeans. Those green colored jeans.

I resisted for a really long time. Kind of like how I resisted skinny jeans for a really long time until Sassymonkey made me try a pair on; it’s been a love affair ever since. I wasn’t looking for green colored jeans that day. I simply walked into Kohl’s looking for a black shirt. I didn’t find a black shirt; I found a Clearance Sale.

I was not in my element. There were some serious shoppers, occasionally shooting me dirty looks and bumping into me with overflowing carts. I didn’t even have a cart. I wandered the jam-packed not-quite-an-aisle aisles, touching and smiling and not picking anything up. Until.



They were hanging on the end of a rack. I narrowed my eyes at them. They wiggled at me. I thought, for certain, they wouldn’t even be my size. I looked. They were. I said to myself, “Well, they’ll still be too much, even on sale.” I looked. $4.87. FOUR DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-SEVEN CENTS. For PANTS. I figured I’d try them on and they wouldn’t fit.

They fit.

And so, green skinny jeans came home with me that day.

Now, about that gorgeous necklace. I saw that tangled goodness via a Very Jane deal. The necklace itself is from Our World Boutique. Very Jane sent it to me to check out and, well, it’s just stunning. I kind of want to wear it everyday, everywhere. It’s heavy, as multiple strand necklaces often are, but not too heavy. I adore the mixed metals and added beads in the necklace. And, obviously, the green. If this necklace ever pops up again on Very Jane, I’m grabbing the coral one with the lime green thread. Obviously.

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6 Replies to “17 Days of Green: The First #17daysofgreen”

  1. My wife came home with a pair of skinny jeans for me. I looked at her like she was insane. Size 18 and skinny do not belong together! I actually love them, although they are now falling off me!

    1. Yes, yes, yes. This. I remember Sassymonkey trying to talk me into trying a pair. It was prior to even seeking treatment for my back, my weight gain was out of control, and I thought she was nuts. It wasn’t until she made me separate cut-of-pants from the connotations of the word skinny that I tried a pair — and fell in love.

  2. Seriously you guys, you don’t know how many conversations it took before I could get her to even try a pair on. I think at this point she owns more pairs than I do. ;)

    But really, skinny jeans are the yoga pants of jeans. Totally comfy.

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