Book Review: DC Super-Pets

We have a new favorite series in our house. The DC Super-Pets series was an accidental find during a trip to the library and is currently the most talked about, most read, most argued over set of books in our home. I mean, with characters like Krypto the Super-Dog and Whatzit, a turtle owned by The Flash, what’s not to love?

We have been lucky enough to borrow two books in the series thus far. Pooches of Power was the first one to come home, found by BigBrother one snowy library adventure day. Super heroes are big in our house right now. As are dogs. (See also our previous kids’ book review.) Combining the two is book mecca.

DC Super-Pets

Pooches of Power features Ace the Bathound, Batman, The Penguin, The Bad News Birds (… hahaha) with an appearance by Krypto. There are some gems like, “‘Let’s just say a little bird told me,’ Batman replied.” Not 100% comic books, these books are great for the beginning readers. The short sections are separated into chapters, though short ones so don’t be scared. The images are bright and colorful. There are lots of FWOOSHes and CLANGs and ARF ARFs. There’s no real dark and sinister plots, like you get when you get into real comic books, so they’re safe for this younger set.

DC Super-Pets

And again, who doesn’t love superhero dogs?

DC Super-Pets
(Can we pause for a second to comment on how cute this kid is? Okay. Thanks.)

The other book we were lucky enough to get when LittleBrother went to the library with his dad one day is titled Attack of the Invisible Cats.


DC Super-Pets

This book features Krypto and the Space Canine Patrol Agents… and some Phanty-Cats. I laughed my way through this book because the good guys kept getting in trouble for making a mess, but it was those invisible cats every time. I like a world in which dogs are good and cats are bad. And invisible.

DC Super-Pets

Every book has some hero pets, some villain pets, some jokes, some vocabulary words and some other things for the kids to read over and over and stare at and laugh at and memorize. My boys already know all of the Super-Pets. I’m loving the learning and fun thrown in together. Plus, you guys: COMIC BOOKS!

I am now putting these on our Must-Buy list, most likely starting our collection as part of our Easter basket gifts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering how our Super-Pet, Callie, feels about the series…

DC Super-Pets

After checking it out…

DC Super-Pets

…she was generally unimpressed.


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4 Replies to “Book Review: DC Super-Pets”

  1. I love your caption to LB’s picture because before I read that caption, I was thinking how stinking cute he is.
    That looks like such a cute series. I see a trip to the library in our future…tonight.

    1. That picture in particular just caught in my throat and I kind of gasped at how stinkin’ adorable he is. I mean, I think that about both of them regularly, I just love when I take a photo that really CAPTURES them, their personalities.

      I hope you enjoy the books!

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