52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 5

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

We’ve had a lot of togetherness in the past week. One sick day, three snow days, a weekend. Good gravy. However, the Super Bowl was a silver lining.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 5

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 5

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 5

Like last year, I placed one of the boys’ sleeping bags on the floor. I got out our Steelers blanket and covered my Steelers jersey wearing boys up with it. They watched most of the first quarter before asking the play the Flick Kick Field Goal game on the Kindle. I had actually forgotten about it, having downloaded it last year for our Super Bowl festivities. They played for awhile, the dog chewing her bone by their side on her fuzzy new dog bed. I stretched on the couch, watching and enjoying the comfort of family, of our life.

Super Bowl 2013


And the conversations.

“Are the Steelers in the Super Bowl?”
“No, Bud.”
“They didn’t make it.”
“Oh. Were their roads too snowy too?”

Something like that.

“I don’t think those two brothers should be playing against each other. Someone is going to get their feelings hurt.”

My dad sent a text after I shared that little gem with him to let my concerned sons know that they were the best of friends and would be just fine. BigBrother was not convinced.

We ate yummy chocolate and peanut butter cookies between the first and second quarter. They worked on an Itsy Bitsy Super Bowl book; BigBrother helped LittleBrother color faster — as LittleBrother is known for his precision and attention to detail whereas BigBrother is all about getting the job done. We snacked on warm soft pretzels as the second quarter wound down. I sent them off to bed after showers during half time, the older of the two certain that Baltimore would win and feelings would still be hurt.

I can only hope that he cares that much about his brother’s feelings someday.


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3 Replies to “52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 5”

  1. Did you share the Harbaugh bros comments with BB the next day? Whether they were their real feelings or not, I thought they handled it well. (Or at least what I’ve seen.)

    I my fave SB comment came during the Calvin Klein ad, which grossed Gracie out…because they showed his armpit. I hope that feeling stays with her a loooooong time! lol

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