52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 1

I briefly toyed with starting and failing at Project 365 again this year. Then I decided that I didn’t need that kind of pressure to pick up my camera. As I said in my Create post, one of the things I want to do this year is take more pictures. But on my own terms. In my own way. Not once a day because I have to; the “have to” part leads me to resentment and stagnation.

And so, for the first few days of the year, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in order to push me creatively with the camera. I snapped pictures here and there, worked harder to be present but not direct, and had some fun with creative editing.

As yesterday came and went and I looked at my first week of photography for the new year, I decided to settle into a photography project. And thus we have…

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

It is my intention to take one photo, every week, of these two brothers. While I can’t say that all will be perfectly artistic and fantastic and candid and edited wonderfully, I am making a self-promise to think outside of the box more than inside of the box. That’s not to say that I won’t have pictures of them posed with their arms around each other smiling at the camera; I will. I cherish those photos too. But I want more than just the posed, cheeser photos. I want a glimpse into what their life is like this year. I want to see what they see. I want to see what they do. I want to see how they grow. So some of that involves posing them. Some of that involves stepping back and letting them do whatever it is that they do.

I intend to post these, once a week, here on the blog. I may also, each week, throw in a few outtakes. Photos that didn’t make the cut or are funny or are awesome or are awful. We’ll see. As it goes, it looks like it will be at the close of each week, but I can’t guarantee dates and times and any of that jazz. I’ll get to it when I get to it. No pressure this year.

And so.

52 Weeks, Week 1

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 1

Drawing and Coloring (BW)

The day before school went back into session, they sat at the breakfast bar together in “jamma-longs,” also known as long johns. BigBrother drew a Captain Underpants comic book. I had to help him spell the word “terrifying.” LittleBrother colored in one of his many coloring books. They talked back and forth for nearly an hour. For them both to sit still for that long without arguing is something of a small miracle. Perhaps it’s a window into what 2013 might hold for them as brothers. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this photography project, especially as we are set to have some warmer weather this weekend. Here’s to a year of celebrating and capturing brotherhood!


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A 365 project I would fail, but a 52 week project I could handle! Great idea! I wish I knew how to use a camera properly. I just have a basic PS Nikon. I would like to upgrade to something a little better, without scaring myself…. but I have no idea what I’d need/want.

Can’t wait to see your pics each week, your boys are precious!

I love thinking about your boys looking back on these pictures of their everyday lives years and years from now and remembering what it was like to be young and live with your very best friend in the world. They will cherish these one day, what a great project idea!

I’m not one who enjoys doing an every day of something either. I always put too much pressure on myself. Though I have to say this seems like a good one and a good way to watch the boys grow. Nice pic!

I *love* this idea! As mother of two buys myself, I may just have to try this! I’m working on a Project 365 (which is already blown, but I’ve decided I can just take two pictures the following day if I forget-my project, my rules!), and this will be a fun project to incorporate.

Can’t wait to watch your project unfold!

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