The Force Is Strong with These Two

If you had told me eight years ago, as I prepared to walk down the aisle, that my soon-to-be husband hadn’t seen any of the Star Wars series, I might have stuttered my step a little bit. I might have looked at him and thought, “Who are you?” I would have married him, but I would have wondered about his soul, his inner most being.

On his birthday this year, my parents caught wind of his lack of Star Wars watching — yes, 7.5 years into our marriage. They gifted him with the original trilogy and I followed up with the prequels. Over the summer, to understand what on Earth or, uh, Space his oldest son was talking about on repeat, he watched all of the movies.

He liked them.

We can stay married. Hooray!

I say these things in jest, of course. I’m married to my best friend. I’d love him even if he didn’t ever watch Star Wars and even if he didn’t like it.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
Mugs from Lennymud on Etsy.

But I love him just a little bit more now.

Happy Anniversary. I love you. (I know.)

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