Need a Gift? Give an E-Book!

December 12th. You’ve got less than two weeks until Christmas Day. If you’re still struggling to find a gift for someone, and that someone happens to be a book lover, I have a simple solution for you. Gift them an e-book. It’s easy, you avoid long lines and grouchy shoppers, and your gift recipient will be happy. Win! Did I mention that it’s easy?

Open Road Media, digital publisher, made a video to show how easy it is to gift an e-book.

It really is that easy. Find the book you want to give. Click “give gift,” enter email address, select the date, and, voila! My favorite part is that you won’t rip your (cheap, I’ll admit) wrapping paper when you’re trying to pull tight corners on the book’s edges. I always do that with paper books; not with an e-book!

I perused Open Road Media’s catalog and found a few different suggestions for books you could give this holiday season. Open Road has books available on a multitude of different readers, so I’m sure you can find yours! I found many, many books I wanted for myself, but I picked just a few for the family. And you.

Holiday E-Book Gift Guide

Open Road Media

The Replacement Wife, by Eileen Goudge, is one book I’ve had on my reading list for a while, and I was more than happy to see it on Open Road Media’s site. The story is about a matchmaker who, upon hearing a diagnosis of terminal cancer, works to set her husband up before she passes away. Every review I’ve read talks about how this book made the reader think about a situation you don’t want to think about, and how good the writing was, so I am excited to read it over our holiday break. I like this review point from Cat’s Thoughts:

I was so freaking vested in Camille and the outcome of her disease and her family, so I was utterly devastated by the way this book panned out. It made me mad, and it made me want to cry. It’s a fabulous read, about a family in a situation that we all hope we never end up in, because there’s no good way to deal with it.

Open Road Media

We Were Soldiers Once…And Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G Moore and Joseph L Galloway, is one that I will be gifting to my ex-Army, war history buff husband. He has a large collection of war books, fiction and nonfiction, on our physical shelves, so I thought this would be a good year to start adding to his virtual shelves as well. A New York Times bestseller, the book is heralded as the most significant to come out of the Vietnam War. I know I’ll be reading it after he finishes it up, as I also enjoy historical books on war.

Open Road Media

I am betting that Robert Munsch’s books, The Fire Station and I Have to Go will be a hit with both of my boys, both budding readers and Kindle Fire lovers. The latter is specifically for our newest reader, our youngest son. I describe him fondly as a Bathroom Tourist — there isn’t a bathroom in our city that he hasn’t explored yet. The former is sure to be a hit with these sons of a professional firefighter; they live and breathe all things red and shiny and fire truck-related.

Open Road Media

By the way, I am going to grab a book from The Boxcar Children series from the library and see if our older son is interested. If so, Open Road Media has 144 Boxcar Children books, including the graphic novels. Score!

Open Road Media

And, of course, I think everyone should buy a copy of BlogHer ’12 Voices of the Year for their favorite blogger, their best friend, their mom, their grandma, their daughter, and themselves. If you want funny, it’s in there. If you want a good cry, it’s in there. If you want to be inspired to action, it’s in there. Amazing writing by amazing writers; stories that will stay with you for some time to come. I love that BlogHer and Open Road Media came together to publish these amazing Voices of the Year honorees. It makes me so warm and fuzzy.

I love how easy it is to give e-books. Really. I see a few I may give my mom as she continues to wade her way into the world of e-book reading. Of course, then I’ll have to teach her how to give them as well, but I see an upside to finding the patience to do so: I get books! More books in my world is always a happy thing, and it always pleases me to give books. I love that I can do it in the format that many of my friends and family prefer to read now.

Do you give e-books as gifts? Have you checked out Open Road Media’s catalog?

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