Grammar Lessons

Once a week, BigBrother brings home some vocabulary sight words that match his current reading level. He has to read them, write them, write a sentence about them and then draw a picture. It’s a longer process than his reading or math homework, but it’s an enjoyable one. What’s more fun than talking about words, defining them and using them in sentences? Nothing!

Sometimes the words are hard to use in a sentence and even more difficult to depict via a drawing. The word “foreign” stumped both adults and the kid for quite some time one week. My favorite word thus far was the word butcher, mainly because of the kid’s drawing.

A Butcher Cuts Meat

I never tell him what to draw. He came up with the meat cleaver and the x’s for eyes all by himself. I don’t know whether to be amused or disturbed. Oh wait, yes I do: Definitely amused.

In this week’s word list, the word “grammar” brought about a fun conversation as we sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

Well, what’s grammar?” He chewed on the top of his pencil, looking at me from behind his long eyelashes.


“Oh, grammar! Grammar is kind of what Mommy does. It’s periods and commas and picking the right word and speaking properly and all the best things in the world!” I could have gone on for quite some time.

Now it might surprise you that sometimes my son does not listen to me. Shocking, I know. I looked at him and couldn’t tell. Was he listening? Or was he thinking about how he gets to use his computer time as soon as this homework is done and here his Mommy is, blathering on about grammar like a big ole dork. And so I asked.

“What did I just say?” I narrowed my eyes at him as he peeked up at me.

He paused.

You said grammar was about periods… and commas… and the best stuff in the world.

I smiled.

Lesson learned.


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  1. Charlie doesn’t have to draw pictures but does have to alphabetize the weekly spelling words in addition to writing them and writing a sentence using the word.

    Love the drawing! We haven’t had “grammar” as a spelling word yet. Had vacation and beautiful earlier plus contractions. I don’t remember contractions being spelling words in 2nd grade though.

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