Halloween, Through the Years

We’ve had a few costumes over the years. I got nostalgic, flipping through old photos of the boys when they used to have chubby cheeks and didn’t know that you could eat the candy. The good old days. I thought I’d show you what they’ve been over the years as not all of them are on this blog.

In 2006, BigBrother (not quite one yet) was a lion.

Little Lion Man Costume

We now refer to the costume as Little Lion Man (thank you, Mumford & Sons). The cute is overwhelming. So are his cheeks.

In 2007, while I was hugely pregnant with LittleBrother, BigBrother was a, shocking, firefighter.

Firefighter Costume

He wore our favorite brand of firefighter costume, Aeromax. Love.

In 2008, LittleBrother was not quite a year old and BigBrother was almost three. We rocked our first theme with Flounder and Sebastian. (kind of.)

Flounder from The Little Mermaid Costume

Crab on a Fire Truck! YAY!

Technically, BigBrother is more of a lobster, but that costume is from — wait for it — 1991? My grandmother made it for my little brother. Awesome. More awesome: I was Ariel that year — and too big to be trick-or-treating. Also, we didn’t get a good picture of the two of them together in their themed costumes.

End of October Pictures

Notice LittleBrother has a tear falling from his eye. So sad.

In 2009, I got another theme thanks to their love of Toy Story. And, quite possibly, the cutest pictures. Ever.

Woody from Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Buzz and Woody from Toy Story

Seriously. Best Halloween cuteness. Ever.

In 2010, my boys broke up with my theme idea (weep, woe) and picked their own costumes.

Waldo Costume

BigBrother was Waldo, as he fell in love with the books that year.

Alien from Toy Story,/center>

LittleBrother was an Alien from Toy Story.


Last year, the boys got back with the theme idea and dressed as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. And it was funny/awful. Remember?

Mario & Luigi -- Halloween 2011


And this year? 2012 will be a theme year again, because we’re rocking Darth Vader and an ARF Trooper. Oh yes, Star Wars costumes, represent!

Halloween 2012

I have this severe case of sad because, while this picture (and the rest of them) are incredibly cute… you can’t see any of my cute little boys! No cheeks. No eyelashes. No wicked grins. No sparks in eyes, mischief waiting to escape. But know this: They are happy. Oh so happy.

And while I love the fall color in Halloween costume photos, this series really works best in black and white. And by works best I mean that it makes me giggle.

Halloween 2012

Portraits of Star Wars

And just in case you thought the Dark Side was all bad, good exists over there. Friendship exists.

Halloween 2012

Mostly because they can’t see each other or talk. That always helps. You should also know that LittleBrother was Darth-breathing for all of his pictures.

Halloween 2012

If you’ve already taken your Halloween costume photos this year (which, if you haven’t, do so today before the weather goes to pot), come share them over at BlogHer. When you do snap a photo or two — at parties this weekend or out trick-or-treating next week — come share them then; I love seeing everyones’ kids goblins in costume.

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Okay, wait, I am still giggling over the Darth-breathing. I was wondering what that noise was coming from my computer. ;) But! You are right (as always) – dying from all the cute!! The cheeks! THe seriousness! Love this post with all the memories. :)

Adorable!! And thanks for the reminder that weather is supposed to be bad. I need to get pictures today if possible. Assuming Atticus’ costume arrives. (procrastination much?)

Sadly no. UPS hadn’t shown up by the time we left to go feed ducks at the lake. It was 6.45 when we got back and almost completely dark. And now it’s raining :-( Oh and Atticus screams in his costume. SO FUN! ;-)

Oh, tell the boys that they picked excellent costumes! There’s just something wonderfully magical about Star Wars, especially when it’s in the miniature. :D

Jackson’s going to be The Little Mermaid this year, and he won’t let me put any pictures on the Internet. No Facebook, no blog. Nothing. *sigh*

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