Instaweek, October 7-13, 2012

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

BB's room is clean. Also panorama on #iOs6 is awesome. #iphone5

LB's room is clean. #panorama #nofilter #firefighter #firetruck

Instaweek October 7-13, 2012

This week we froze, cheered, and wore hats at Sunday soccer games. My husband made a funny face when I tried to take a picture, so of course I posted it on the Internet. We rode bikes. The boys imagined and played — without fighting — thus renewing my faith in brotherhood. I accidentally wore my Obama shirt to preschool pickup. Callie played (a lot). Soccer practice and more soccer practice.

Callie photobombed my #blogherlovesshoes photo. My husband found a 20-year-old roll of Life Savers that his grandma gave him. (Gross.) I found pizza sauce that we all seem to like pretty well. My order from Chloe & Isabel came; my stylist is Suz and she’s donating money to young moms if you order this month. LittleBrother had a costume-ified playdate. Callie didn’t leave my side all day Saturday. BigBrother helped arrange his stuffed animals, and I wrote him a note in his room.

I learned to use the panorama feature on iOS6 and the iPhone 5 to show how clean the boys rooms are when we work together to pick up the stray odds and ends on Saturdays.

A Gerber daisy in my flower garden went to seed. Since my Pittsburgh friends were busy and I knew the weather was supposed to turn icky on Sunday, I rescheduled a friend’s photoshoot to Saturday evening out at Salt Fork State Park; I used the panorama feature again at the end of the shoot just because I can. Also, leggings season is upon is! Hallelujah!

My favorite photo of the week?

Oh Callie. Lol. #germanshepherd

Callie looks kind of regal — and kind of old — in this photo. It cracked me up.

What did you Instagram this week? What was your favorite photo?

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Jenna – Thank you so much for your order, your support and the shout out. Happy to report we already have a few hundred dollars. I am so excited to see the support. I love jewelry and combining my passion for helping mothers with it is utopia!

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