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Shutterfly Debuts iPhone 5 Cases: Help Me Choose

It’s October 12! Which means that it’s one of my sisters-in-law’s birthday (the other is later this month), Scholastic book orders are due at both of my sons’ schools and, yay!, Shutterfly finally has iPhone 5 cases available for purchase! Yes, I’ve been excited for two weeks. I’ve been rocking a cute case in the interim, but I want a case that screams Jenna, like my iPhone 4 case — also created via Shutterfly.

Old iPhone 4 case.

I get so many compliments on that thing. For real.

I went and created three possible cases, and now I need a little help picking which one to buy. You’re also getting a sneak peek at the first phase of our family portraits this year, featuring the boys. (Hoping to get the whole family in sometime this week; I need to dye my hair. And we all need to be home on the same day.) I’ll share more of these later, but know that they’re awesome and deserve to be featured on my phone for 6-12 months. What you’re seeing below happens to be screenshots of my creation on Shutterfly’s site, so it’s very low resolution. I promise the real photos are just fine!

Option 1

Option #1 is the Gallery of Three iPhone 5 case (2 piece is the only way to go, people). It has the perfect amount of room for that amazing photo of both boys together and their individual portraits (with their faces falling above the cut line for the two piece case). The separator between the boys’ portraits just so happens to match the exact green of the boys’ clothing. And my name! Nice!

Option 2

Option #2 is the Filmstrip Fun iPhone case. Obviously, I’m rocking even more green with this case — but the photos are smaller. And it feels a bit, well, cheesy. I like it, but I don’t know if I love it.

Option #3

Option #3 is the Photo Dot iPhone case… and is a bit of a stretch for my brain function. Why? The color theme for the boys’ outfits happened to be gray and lime-ish. The color of the imagery on the case is gray, white and mustard. Now the mustard happens to fall in line with the yellow of the autumn leaves, so it almost makes it work in my mind. But I keep twitching.

I think I know which one I want, though if I can get over some twitching, maybe I’ll surprise myself and go another way. I don’t know. Help me decide, friends! Which iPhone 5 case should I get? I’ll be sure to write about whichever one I end up purchasing!


Update: Shutterfly is offering 20% off of iPhone cases through 2.1.13!

22 replies on “Shutterfly Debuts iPhone 5 Cases: Help Me Choose”

I like the top one and the bottom one, well, and the middle one. But I think the top one’s my favorite. That’s ridiculously cool. If I get a new phone next month, I think I am going to try this.

I like the option 1! I like seeing those individual smiling faces really big. And if what Becky is talking about is a case with just the top photo in option 1, I love that one too ;) I say flip a coin between option 1 and option 1b (b for Becky)

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