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I’m pretty sure my boys feel like the author of our favorite piece about a fire truck every time they visit the fire department. “Oh, great God in heaven, fire truck!” I kind of feel that way too, if I’m honest; I know my husband does as well.

We’re at the fire department about once a week, stopping by for a quick kiss, to drop something off or to let the boys run off some evening energy when it’s rainy or snowy. We tend not to descend on the fire house during business hours, instead opting to help wash trucks at six o’clock or hang out a bit after dinner. Needless to say, a field trip to the fire station with the Pre-K class shouldn’t be anything all that important.

Fire Department Field Trip

But it is.

Both my husband and I got to tag along with LittleBrother’s class last week. While my favorite firefighter gave the presentation for BigBrother’s class, we stood and watched another firefighter teach our youngest son’s class about fire safety, what to do if there’s a fire, and all about the fire station. It was different, as a spectator. I had a moment of heart-melting though in the bunk room, when LittleBrother walked over to his dad’s bunk and said, “This is my daddy’s bed.” His arm out to the side like some game show presenter, the smile on his face evident of his big and thorough pride.

The presentation and other kids aren’t what make this field trip to the fire department so special though. What makes it special?

The hose.

Until this point, and the same for his older brother at that age, LittleBrother has never had the honor of squirting the fire hose. He’s washed trucks, played on them, ridden on them in parades. He’s eaten dinner and birthday cake in the kitchen. He’s watched TV in the living room, bothered other firefighters in the office. He’s made the bell ring, even though we’ve told him not to do so. So the whole hose thing, being saved for the fire department? Well, it’s a big thing.

Fire Department Field Trip

And so worth the wait.

Fire Department Field Trip

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One of Charlie’s cousins hired the Fire Department to bring a truck to his birthday party one year. They set up the hose in the front yard and drove the kids around. Expensive but the kids just loved it.

I think getting to hold the hose while water is squirting out would be pretty cool too.

(gee that sounded better in my head than in writing)

Isn’t it so funny how fire kids can be at the station a million times and it never gets old? They are always excited about the trucks and their surroundings! Do your boys want to follow in their dad’s footsteps?

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