DREAMWORKS How to Train Your Dragon in Columbus, Ohio!

As you might know, I grew up — and remain — a bit of a theater geek. I have these high hopes that I’ll raise these two boys to have at least some general appreciation for the stage as well. One of the ways I’m working on that is finding fun, age-appropriate, engaging shows that the boys might really love.

Enter DREAMWORKS How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular!

I figured this show is going to be a slam dunk with my two boys! I mean, BurghBaby loved it. The boys love the movie, and I might have purchased the book for someone to read in the week leading up to the show — which hits Columbus, OH at the Schottenstein Center on October 11-14. Tickets start at $19.50, which is totally awesome, by the way.

I am so excited that we have been offered free tickets to go see the show — but I have to be honest. I haven’t really told the boys that we’re going yet. You see, I tend to wait until we arrive somewhere to tell them where we’re going — or, at the very least, wait until the day of the event in order to keep the “OMG IS IT HERE YET?!?!” questions at a minimum. Also, I just really love surprising the boys.


But I did show them this video:

And they both think it is SO. COOL. I can’t imagine how they maneuver the huge dragons on the stage; my brain just won’t even go there! I’m sure my mind will be blown, right along with the kids.

Everything I’ve heard about the show from my friends back in Pittsburgh has been only good, which makes me even more excited to see the show myself. And, you know, take the boys. If you want to save 25% off, enter the code MOM at checkout. If you’re not in Columbus (or within driving distance in Ohio), check out the tour dates and use that MOM code for any show in the US!

I’ll be sure to let you know what we think of the show on October 12, 2012! Will you be going? Have you gone? What was your favorite part?


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