What We Do on a Friday Night

I stuck another cube of cheese with a toothpick. The baby Swiss is always a favorite of mine and I closed my eyes, savoring the moment. After swallowing, I told the man behind the table at the Farmer’s Market, “Oh, my friends liked the lemon zest cheese last week.”

He pointed out a new cheese for the week and I handed him enough money for both the new flavor and the Swiss. I told him to have a lovely weekend, like I do every Friday.

“I’ve started mine already,” he smiled.

“Well, I’ll be joining you around four o’clock this afternoon then,” I quipped, feeling the weight of the week lifting off my shoulders just by thinking about the end of the week.

“Oh, to be your age on a Friday night again.”

I just kind of looked at him before smiling and walking away, telling him I’d see him next week. My eyebrows furrowed.

What does a person my age do on a Friday night?

It was in my mind all day, as I finished up work for the week, retrieved our oldest son, doled out snacks, started dinner and prepared to enjoy a typical Friday evening in our home. I placed pepperoni and mushrooms on our homemade pizza, counting out the number our oldest son deemed appropriate for our attempt this week. We’re trying to find the best pizza dough and homemade pizza combination, so we’ve been making pizza on Friday nights about twice a month. Is this what other people my age are doing tonight?

We made it through dinner with minimal dinnertime woe thanks to the pizza. I finished up the dishes and we made our way outside. I spread out our Very Hungry Caterpillar blanket under the tree, Kindle and camera in hand. My husband set up the new cornhole set he had just recently completed.


Nick Throws

Our evening continued like any other Friday night, or really, like any other night of any other week when it’s warm enough to be outside. The boys played for awhile, making up games and giggling the evening away until someone rolled onto his back and looked like fair game.

Friday Night Sun Wrestling

P's Face Is Funny

I wish you could have heard the giggles. The snort-laughs. The squeals.

Dog Pile

Lovely Blur

At one point, a fist or a hand or a foot ended up where it shouldn’t have been, either accidentally or out of four-and-a-half-year-old frustration, and apologies had to be made. Apologies are always better with kisses, especially on Fridays.


The sun dipped down below the tree line across the field and we picked up our toys, our blankets and our gadgets, putting everything in its place. Snacks were doled out, teeth were brushed and jammies were put on; Fridays are bath exempt. Mostly. I threw on my running clothes as the boys climbed into BigBrother’s bed to listen to their Daddy read a story for the night.

I placed my ear buds, hit the start button on my running app and took off for nearly two miles of alone time. Feet on pavement, motion, and running sweat erasing the stress of the week; a Friday night run is always the easiest, always weighs a little less than any run during the week. My shoulders are loose, my posture is light; the weekend is upon us and everything feels easier.

I grabbed my water bottle, chugging it as I walked down the hall to each boys’ bedroom, giving kisses and tickles and well-wishes for sleep that lasts past eight o’clock in the morning. After tucking in and water consumption, I sat with my husband on the porch until the mosquitoes began feasting, then we went inside and watched a little Dateline before deciding that Friday had been exciting enough, that we needed to get rest for a fun-filled Saturday. With family. With each other.

Sleep began to wash over me as I realized that my Friday night likely wasn’t anything the cheese man had imagined when he made his comment, probably thinking that I’m younger than the thirty-one candles on my last birthday cake. Even if he didn’t, if he thought me to be my age, I can’t imagine doing anything else on a Friday night. We do sometimes; I’ll go out with girlfriends or we’ll have a date night or my husband will go out with his friends or we’ll have somewhere to be, something more to do that just be together. But this is my favorite Friday night.

Friday I'm in Love

Friday I’m in love… with my family.

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Even if we manage to have a date night on a Friday (or Saturday) (or random Tuesday), we end up at Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot or Sam’s Club. If we lived somewhere near a Target, that would be on the list too.

I think this is my favorite photo series of your ever – I love it even more than the wishers series. You can practically hear the shrieks of laughter! Your family is. just. beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

It’s so ironic that just before I pulled up this post — trying to squeeze in a few more things before the kids get off the bus — that my mind had daydreamed to this exact subject. “Okay, it’s Friday night, what are you going to do?” And not much came to mind other than the evening you just so completely conveyed. (Well, I might have to finish putting together an IKEA loft bed I promised my son could sleep in tonight.) But other than that — I hope it is a nice relaxing family evening. Hope your’s is the same.

Such sweet pictures in this one. I’m sure you’ll treasure them for years to come and look back on your Friday nights with fondness. Regarding homemade pizzas, have y’all tried using Boboli pizza crusts? My family makes pizzas just about every Sunday night, and the thin crust Bobolis are really good and so easy since they’re already ready to go.

I never was a club or a noisy bar person. I treasure time spent with those I love. Sometimes a neighbor hosts a gathering called Friday Night Awesome. 3 couples 8 kids a fire, some adult beverages and the occasional glow stick or sparkler. It’s a blast.

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