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The First Day of the Last Year of Preschool

“Booey, it’s your first day of your last year preschool! Time to wake up!”

The kid was smiling before he opened his eyes. Sometimes I wonder if my genes float through him at all. Who smiles before their eyes are open in the morning? Only a kid who has been waiting desperately to go back to school since it ended last spring.

And go back he did.

Cute, Wide

Walking up the sidewalk toward the school, his teacher for the past two years stared before exclaiming, “My goodness! I didn’t even recognize you, Booey! You’ve grown.”

And he has.

By the Apple

All long limbs and elbow and knees, he’s not exactly little anymore. It’s his last year of preschool. Who is this large child, ready to take on the world?

With funny faces.

Funny Faces

Oh, it’s still Booey, all right.

Oh, Booey

All spark in his eyes and deceiving innocent look and fart jokes just waiting to be told.

Love This Smile

I don’t know what changes this school year will bring for LittleBrother, but I imagine I’ll look back on this post as the year ends and wonder where this little boy went.


If his backpack doesn’t swallow him before then…

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