Introducing Our German Shepherd, Now with a Name!

Naming a dog is apparently harder than naming a child.

We hunted all the name lists — German Shepherd name lists. Baby girl name lists. Lists of cities. Lists of songs. Lists of crazy things celebrities have named their children. We spent time thinking about and discussing all of your amazing suggestions.

And still, nothing.

I hated bringing her home without a name. I’m kind of overzealous when it comes to planning. I like to have everything in order before anything happens. Like people suggested, we thought we would get to know her some more and then name her something fitting.

Still nothing.

We laughed at two names — McCoy and Hattie/Haddie — due to the juxtaposition with our last name. We tossed out name after name. We cut it down to a short list of names for our female German Shepherd:

  • Roxy
  • Dixie
  • Dottie

And then we crossed those names off the list. Nothing.

I had thought of one name, but it felt too long to yell when she ran off, so I crossed it off my list. Then a friend suggested a way to shorten it — and both of us agreed that it felt right. We gave the name a go, and it fits.

So, we are pleased to introduce Calliope Jane.

Callie, 9 Weeks

Otherwise known as Callie.

Up Close

She’s kind of awesome. Obviously.

More Callie

The boys love her.

With the Boys

A lot.

They Love Her

She loves them too. With her whole waggy body.

She Loves Them Too

And she is, of course, officially a FireDog thanks to a purchase at Pet Smart.

Callie, Collar Collage

That’s most definitely a collar with green and pink collar with fire hydrants. I may have laughed out loud in the collar and leash aisle. How incredible perfect is it?

She was meant to be our dog.

Callie, Bricks

Our Callie.

23 replies on “Introducing Our German Shepherd, Now with a Name!”

We had a hard time making up our mind too. My list went:

1. Collie
2. German Shepherd

My husband’s list was the exact opposite. Both breeds are great dogs, especially with kids, so we felt safe going either route.

We are two weeks into the craziness that a puppy brings. Tonight I realized she grew out of cute “baby” puppy, to obnoxious puppy-puppy, who must jump! Jump! JUMP! all the time. Must rub her face on mine, but forgets she has those things called teeth. Then theirs the chewing… Fortunately that’s balanced out by watching her nose a soccer ball, run after it only to roll over the top of it and fall flat on her face. No worries, see te swing over there, it moved ($because she bumped into it), must approach stealthily and attack!!! In other words, welcome to puppy world. It’s a blast. Ours is an English Pointer that just hit the three month mark. We named her Millie.

Enjoy! Reading through your post makes me realize I need to get the camera out. She grew, literally last night. It’s going to go crazy quick!

She is SO cute! Give her some extra pets from me. I can’t wait until I get my own dog. Dogs are SO good for kids to have….and some would argue dogs form greater connections to kids than they do to adults. Something about kids being more in touch with their inner voice, which is what dogs respond to (actions and attitude, not necessarily words). Callie is a perfect name!

She ADORES the boys. ADORES. It’s ADORABLE. Oh my goodness, the cute. She does seem to have attached herself to me though. As I’m sitting here working, her head is resting on my foot as I sleep. She is my Shadow.

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