Help Name This Puppy #namefiredog


Facts you need to know: She’s a girl. She’s nine-weeks-old tomorrow. She’s a German Shepherd. And she comes home to live with us tomorrow morning. Oh, and she’s nameless. So throw your favorite dog names into the ring as we have failed Dog Naming Negotiations ourselves. I promise you that we will share our funny naming story sometime next week.

For now, help us name the newest member of our family.



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78 Replies to “Help Name This Puppy #namefiredog”

  1. I gave you great names then Fire Dad threatened me so I am not helping anymore.

    I am lying…….Bella,Shopia,Lady,Dixie,McCoy,Stella,Jessie and of course Buzz

    1. She does seem like a light, happy soul. I just keep staring at her and can’t yet figure it out! I think the husband nixed Daisy last night, but Trixie wasn’t suggested. Going on today’s list.

  2. as you know, i am a big fan of german shepherds (dad was a k-9 cop so we always had at least two males in the house at any given time). when i was young my dad was asked to pick up and train a female who would live with my uncle, aunt, and cousins down in georgia. they named her schatzi, the german word for sweetheart that i believe might even literally mean treasure (pronounced like shot zee). for a few months our home was blessed by this little girl and i was in love with schatzi to the point that i asked to go on the drive from pittsburgh to georgia to deliver her and cried when i had to leave her.

    your little girl looks to be quite the sweetheart and to be truly a treasure so i respectfully submit a german name for your precious german girl: schatzi

  3. ZOMG! The face. Love her all mushed up on BB. She looks quite happy to be loved on. Sparky. Zippy, Blaze, Star, Jinx, I’ll keep thinking. From the 8 y.o. Old “Baby, can I go play now?” 12 y.o. “Doodle or Mini” Me, she’s a German shepherd, she’s going to grow to be a good sized dog.”No, Minnie, M. I. N. N. I. E.” said in that “Duh mom” tone, I love so much :). I’ll keep thinking.

  4. Snickers …. Where we currently live we can’t have animals and I so want a puppy named Snickers so everyone who asks what they should name their new pet I throw out my favorite, Snickers, in hopes that someday someone will have an awesome pet named Snickers.

  5. Staring at the dog, I had a really hard time thinking of a name. Then I closed my eyes and visualized playing with her — it helped. I came up with only one name: Pepper.

    1. Oooh, Pepper was on the short list last night before we got in bed. Then as we were climbing under the covers, husband said, “I don’t like Pepper anymore.” I do. It’s on the list.

      1. lol now I’m imagining what would have happened if your sons had been daughters instead. They probably would have ended up named Big Sister and Little Sister irl.

      1. Duke. King. Queen. I’m terrible at naming dogs, therefore we have Turbo, Cho Cho, Holly and Ted E Bear. But I’m having fun helping you! How about a totally opposite name of her impending size and call her Pixie? lol you know, short for Pixel. Since you are a photographer. :)

  6. i forgot to say i also love people names for pets (hence my living with ludo, but calling him lou most of the time). and names that are fun to call (standing in my backyard calling lululululululu is great fun).

    1. Funny story about Lou. So one of our best firefighter friends volunteered to take care of another firefighter’s dog one evening that they were going to be gone. He went over to let the dog out and the dog ran off. He was calling, “LOU! LOU!” But the dog’s name is Blu, so it wouldn’t come back. So, LOU was on the list for a bit. Hahahaa.

  7. OMG! Congrats on the new addition to your family! I love puppies. That’s why I volunteer at The Humane Society. Course then I go home aching because I can’t have them ALL. I vote for “Snarf.” I dunno why. I just want to snarf her all up. I’d say “Tango,” but when I get a pup, that’s what I’m naming him.

  8. I can tell you what my parents will be naming their puppy, if and when they get one. Hemi. Has in hemroid. Because dogs are a pain in the butt. And I can’t talk them out of it.

    We tend to go literary. Last dog they had was Thurber. Our cat is Ralph Waldo. Or when we had black cats we went with Wicca and Crowley (as in Aleister Crowley) Maybe something German? What’s something fire related but in German?

    1. Cinder was tossed around last night and I keep coming back to it.

      That said, we aren’t anti-people-name for pets, though we don’t really like … everyday? … people names. Like not Josh or Ryan or Kelly. Janie/Lanie are both on the list though. It just has to have the right… feel. Which makes NO SENSE AT ALL. I acknowledge that. ha!

  9. We went through 8 names in her first 2 weeks home before settling on Gizmo. Every name sounded wrong until we got to that one. Poor pup didn’t know who she was!

    Maybe wait to get to know her then name her? See what she’s like & see what fits best. All our pets have been named that way, kind of organically. Buster was the only one named before we got him & that was bc that’s what my gf & I called him in emails, she actually found him by chance for me, Mr Buster Badass is his full name. Then we met him & it TOTALLY fit.

    1. My good friend Amanda (@2princessmama) also has a Gizmo!

      This naming dogs things is hard stuff. I’d wait until we got her but, you’ve met me and so it shouldn’t shock you that I’m somewhat high strung and tend to be OMGORGANIZETHISRIGHTNOW about things. Ahem. I may, however, have to go that way. Insert Jennaspazz now.

      Mr Buster Badass is a kickass name.

  10. i’ve decided to delurk after years of reading- i had a german shepherd growing up. loved her. even after she ate and destroyed my super grover doll when i was at school.

    she totally looks like an emily. or a t-bone. ha.
    (mine was sugar.)

    1. Well, hi! And thanks for reading!

      OMG, Super Grover?

      I suggested T-Boz, but my husband said we’d have to have a Left Eye and a Chili, and we’re not getting two more dogs. I suggested renaming the birds and he just looked at me.

  11. Ooh, drat that Stella is out.

    If Schatzi doesn’t win, how about Blitz/Blitzen, german for lightning?

    That’d be fun to say, and ties in to storm-y themes, and also suggests speediness, which, no doubt, she’ll have in spades… Great for a running partner, no?

  12. I look at her sweet eyes and I see “Lily”. Or “Sasha”. I love both! Kudos to you on the German Shepherd. They’re great!

    1. Sasha has been recommended by quite a few people! One of our good friends’ daughters is Lily — in fact, two of our good friends have Lilies for daughters, so alas, no Lily.

  13. I had a beautiful German Shepherd growing up and she was the best dog ever. Her daddy was a wolf but it just made her more beautiful. Until my dad had a work party at our house and some little punk went over (after being told to be gentle) and pulled her tail! Thankfully, my dad had a hold of her collar because she turned around and snapped at him. The dad of the kid was going to sue so we had to put her down. :( Her name was Sandy.

    For our pets, we realized after we got married that our animals (at that time, we had Angel (dog) and Basil (cat)) were in alphabetical order. SO from then on out, everything has been in order. 7.5 years later, we are down to one dog named “Gustav/Gus Gus” is the puppy in our lives at this time. It helps having a letter when it comes to naming!

      1. It totally makes me happy too. It also helps with remembering how many animals we’ve had in our time as a family. Which is great, since I can’t remember how many and what animals I’ve had growing up. I hope my daughter will have it different!

  14. Well, your husband is in public service – how about something out of the phonetic alphabet?

    H(atfield) – Hotel, nah. But B – Bravo, that could be good, with your singing history. The “o” end makes it boy-like. India sounds nice, also Echo, Sierra, Zulu all kind of cool. WWII style alphabet has alternates like Duff, Easy, Ink, Queen, and Sugar.

    My neighbor names his dog after car parts – Holley (carbs) and Summit (racing). Summit is a girl, so there’s an idea. I saw Pepper, Cinder, and McCoy above – all three are great.

    If you want to go unisex – Charlie or Frances (Frankie) would be fun.

    Hmm, music wise – Coda, Aria, Libretti (Libby for short?), Alto, Key

    Or go German influence: Britta, Greta, Anya, Heidi, Liesl, Wilma

    Gorgeous pup, Hatfields!

    1. Goodness, so much awesome in this comment. I kind of like Echo. A lot. Hmm. McCoy is still making me giggle. Writing down a few of these as well! THANK YOU!

  15. Trudi, Phoebe, Chloe, Jasmine, Laila, Jade, Kira, Gretchen, Greta, Kitara

    Fire Department related: Amber, Halli (for Halligan), Osha, Charla, or Kindle

    Good luck and congrats! Boys and dogs…..LOVE it! We’ve got 2 of each! Lol.

  16. What about Cleo (like Cleopatra)?? We had a border Collie named Cleo when I was growing up and it was the perfect pet name, short, kind of a person name but not really, and fun to call out when you’re trying to get her to come inside.
    She’s really cute! Have fun with her!

  17. I already suggested Tiller and Cinder but they don’t feel right now. How bout River giving her that Burgh connection. Growing up our Shepherd was Savannah.

  18. Trudi, Phoebe, Chloe, Jasmine, Laila, Jade, Kira, Gretchen, Greta, Kitara

    Fire Department related: Amber, Halli (for Halligan), Osha, Charla, or Kindle

    Good luck and congrats! Boys and dogs…..LOVE it! We’ve got 2 of each! Lol

  19. My husband’s fire fighter buddy named his dog Rescue. I always thought it was a cute name. Good luck finding a name you all agree on! :)

  20. Squeeeeeeeee! Okay, maybe not that for a name, but it would be pretty awesome. ;)

    I’ve always wanted to name a dog Rover. It’s so quintessentially DOG, but no one ever actually uses it.

  21. My daughter and boyfriend have a black shepherd that they have named Sabine. It just fits her so perfectly. Our next door neighbors have a black shepherd too, they call her Molly. And our neighbors across the back have a new puppy (don’t know what it is yet) but I hear them calling it Onyx.

    You would be welcome to choose any one of those names!!!

    Good luck with the choices – all of them are wonderful!!!

  22. What about Lucy? Or Molly? Or Scout? Or Callie? Okay, I’ll stop. Can’t wait to see what name y’all decided to go with! She’s too cute. I bet your boys are already in love. :)

  23. When I was 5, we had a German Shepherd named Jenny.

    Personally, I’m a fan of Star Wars names, like Chewbacca (yes, even for a girl) or Ewok. Your household might like Princess Peach.

    No matter what you name her, that is one cute dog!

  24. Whenever we name our pets (and by we I mean ‘I’) it takes me forever because I think that the name has to fit the pet, just like kids, right? We had a dog named Dixie — love that name. Another one I had found a while ago was Adena — it’s Old English meaning ‘fire’ so thought it would be fitting.
    She’s beautiful!! Good luck with the name!!

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