LittleBrother’s Last Day of Preschool (This Year)

LittleBrother finished up preschool this morning. Not forever. He has one year left in the big kid classroom next year, so we’ll have some cute preschool stuff left in our future. But this year is done. The little kid classroom is done. Which means that two teachers we have been with for four years said goodbye to us today. Ah, sunrise, sunset.

Last Day of School

Please ignore the crooked door in his last day of school photos. You see, LittleBrother is difficult to photograph, as witnessed by the disintegration of his first day of school photos. He’s a spitfire, and we learned that even more this school year. He grew and changed and morphed from cute little LittleBrother to this cute but slightly ornery little boy with a sense of humor and an early case of sarcasm. I think we’re in trouble with this one.

I say that kindly, of course, because he is awesome in so many ways.

He hasn’t yet picked a hand to write with, but that’s mostly okay. He writes and colors almost equally with both hands. Though he does bat left handed. He says that he wants to write with his right hand, but he still switches at will; if he wants to color on the left side of the page, he puts the crayon in his left hand. I’m sure he’ll figure it out sometime in the near future, and we’re continuing to encourage him to do what feels right.

Apparently what feels right is reading. I don’t know if it’s because he was basically present for all of BigBrother’s reading lessons or his super awesome brain capacity or just his personality, but the kid is already blowing through early sets of BOB Book readers. When he asked to start learning to read this past winter, I kind of shrugged at him. I suppose that’s one of the problems with being the younger brother. Imagine my surprise when he got out a book and blew right through it. And it wasn’t a matter of having it memorized, because he just blew through a whole set that BigBrother never had. He’s just awesome.

He did a lot of other stuff this school year, too. He made new friends. He went on playdates — without me. He sang really loudly at his Christmas and Spring programs. He made lots of crafts, many of which he was personally affronted if I didn’t keep on the fridge for the appropriate amount of time. He is playing on a t-ball team — without his brother. He got stuck in a tree with his Buzz Lightyear wings. (No, really.) He got started on learning computer skills with his own monitored account and time limits. He can rock a Kindle Fire and an iPhone both. And he grew. A lot.

Last Day of School

One of my favorite things about this little man is that he’s tough. He hasn’t met something that he can’t do if he wants to do it. On the flip side, he also won’t do something if he doesn’t want to do it. Both of those things are great traits — but they can be frustrating and hard to keep up with at times. He’s a fantastic little boy who is growing so quickly that I can’t believe my eyes.

Last Day of School

He’s very excited to be on summer break. He’s been asking when we were going to the beach for vacation since February. He said last week, when we were going fishing on BigBrother’s last day of school, that he wishes we could go fishing every day. He wants to go camping. A lot. He wants to spend the summer playing and laughing and telling jokes that drive me crazy and poking at his brother and generally being… LittleBrother.

Last Day of School

I’m looking forward to it.

So, both boys are now out of school for summer. Look for the OMG post soon.

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okay where are the photos of LB being stuck in a tree with his Buzz Lightyear wings? did I miss that somewhere? I have never done an end of year photo and post for Charlie but I love the idea. I might actually do that this time. They do grow so much in 9 months don’t they?

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