Happy Mother’s Day, Happy 30th Birthday

A quick Mother’s Day story:

BigBrother brought home a little “All About My Mom” kind of book from school for Mother’s Day. He answered the questions or finished the statements on each page about me. My oldest son? He’s a smart kid. The end of the statement, “My mother looks prettiest when…” …?

Smartest kid. Ever. #mothersday


Smartest. Kid. Ever. Sign him up for MENSA. He wins at being six.

Today my boys loved on me. We colored, ate some food, watched some kids sing a song, read some books. They let me nap for 30 minutes this evening, which made me feel human again.

Mother's Day

Of course, they also had to love on FireDad who turned 30 today.

30th Birthday

We actually celebrated his birthday on Friday since he doesn’t like to share his day. Okay, it’s not that he doesn’t like to share. Today he made me breakfast and doted on me, so we wanted to make sure he got doted on at some point close to his birthday.

As a birthday present to him, some teenage girl working at the drive-thru when we picked up our iced tea did a double-take, googly-eyed, total check out of his 30-year-old self. As we drove away, he exclaimed, “I still got it!”

Happy #mothersday to me. Happy 30th #bday to @cfd46.

Yes you do, my handsome husband. Happy birthday. Welcome to your 30’s. They’re kinda awesome.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Happy 30th Birthday

  1. Jenna, you guys are adorable. :-) I hope you had a wonderful day! And you’re right – BigBrother totally wins. Well done, BigBrother. Well done.

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