May the 4th Be With You Always

As it is in our house. Or in our yard. Everyday.

The boys got light sabers (aka, life savers) for Christmas a few years ago. As our old house was small, there wasn’t much room for light saber fights in the house. The whole “the local drug dealer makes it impossible to play outside” thing also meant we didn’t get much light saber time in outside either. As such, the new yard has seen a lot of Star Wars action.

May the 4th

The backyard is a great place to act out any number of scenes. Recently we’ve taken to building forts on the back deck. The light sabers also make their way in there, eventually knocking down the fort.

May the 4th

The front yard sees a lot of action as well. I’m sure our neighbors think we’re either hugely dorky or very into violence. Who knows. Who cares? The boys have been having a blast playing and playing and playing and using their imaginations and playing and playing and playing and, okay, sure, some pretend violence.

Which occasionally means someone gets bonked in the forehead with a light saber.

May the 4th
{Don’t adjust your monitors. FireDad was that sunburned.}

But I figure that’s fine, since FireDad hasn’t ever seen Star Wars before. I know, right? He gives me a hard time because I haven’t seen various movies over the years, but he hasn’t seen Star Wars. It’s okay. It’s being remedied shortly. My parents bought him the original trilology on Blu-Ray.

We’ll all watch it together soon. Right now, the boys are discussing various Star Wars characters that they want to be for Halloween. LittleBrother is currently hooked on being Yoda. BigBrother wants to be “Dark” Vader. They’re gender casting me into Princess Leia’s role, and that’s fine because one of my friends has the hair — but I’m going with a white robe, not the gold bikini. Obviously. I do expect them to change their minds umpteen billion times before costume-ordering time is upon us.

Until then, you might see us on our evening walk with our light sabers. Don’t mind us.

May the 4th

We’re just using a little bit of the force to get through our evening walk which solely exists to help tire the kids out the rest of the way before bedtime. We need the force. Let us use it.

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Such awesome photos! I grew up loving these movies, and quote them a lot.

But somehow, reading this just now, it hit me there are huge adoption themes/issues in the Star Wars trilogy. Huge.

My head is sort of exploding. Thank you?

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