What 30 Looked Like — in Instagrams

I decided to take a look at what my 30th year looked like… in Instagrams. As I chose only one Instagram from each month, I leave out a lot. These are just the ones, while clicking through flickr, that made me smile or feel something or remember or think, “Oh yeah, that moment happened.” And that part — the “oh yeah, that moment happened” — is kind of what Instagram means to me.

Breakfast of champions.

…sushi with my daughter in April.


…wishers with BigBrother in May.

LB and his flute. See Also Facebook for hilarious comment.

…flutes with LittleBrother in June.

Ice cream with super heroes.

…ice cream with super heroes in July.

What I'm wearing today #blogher11

…fun in San Diego at BlogHer in August.

Remember me this way.

…funny faces with Booey in September.

Goodbye #nyc -10,000 ft.

…leaving NYC in October.

In the fire truck for the Christmas parade.

…riding in the Christmas parade with my boys in November.

Off we go! #belatedanniv

…anniversary date night with my husband in December.

Happy 100th day of school, says 100 Man!

…100 days of school with BigBrother in January.

Here she is. :)

…a bid on a new house in February.

Yay! #stpatricksday #pittsburgh

…St. Patrick’s Day fun (right after buying a house) in March.

Today's post-supper adventure: kite flying.

…kite flying after supper in April.

30 happened. And it was good. 31 begins in the morning, and I honestly can’t wait to see what it brings.


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