Of Wishes and Tattoos

I’ve been mentally working on my next tattoo for about three years. For awhile I kept saying that I would get it when I lost the weight. Then I did! Then I got a back injury and gained it all back! Truth be told, I wasn’t ready at the point that the weight was gone; I didn’t have my design in mind.

I started a tattoo board on Pinterest months ago. I saw and pinned lots of things that I liked, everything from lyrics to quotation marks and ampersands to defying gravity awesomeness to something akin to “put a bird on it” and beyond. I still couldn’t put my finger on it.

I knew I wanted something for my boys as I have a tattoo for the Munchkin.

But what?

I didn’t want names or dates. I didn’t want faces. I considered toy soldiers and aliens or ANDY on my foot, but Toy Story love will only last so long. Quite honestly, they’ve almost been replaced by Phinneas and Ferb, and that’s not happening. I would get a Star Wars tattoo, but I’d really rather get an Ewok than “Dark Vader,” so it wouldn’t be a true representation of my boys. I could get a peanut butter sammich, cut in triangles. That’s about true to form right now.

I realized that getting the tattoo now to represent something for my boys forever is a tricky, tricky thing. They might not always think that soccer is awesome. They might change their names to something mind-numbingly stupid or go by a nickname that isn’t Booey. They will change favorite colors and favorite foods and characters and movies and books and everything else a billion times over — because that’s what they’re supposed to do in this growing up process. That’s what I want them to do — to come to their own conclusions and be their own people and like whatever it is that they like, even if it ends up being music that makes me roll my eyes harder than BigBrother. I want them to be secure in their own skin, in their own bodies, in their own minds, in their own faith, in their own love.

That is my wish for them.

Which is when the tattoo came to me, of course.

It’s a shame it’s trendy right now, which is quite possibly why I’ve put off moving forward with my new design idea. I don’t really like to be on trend. I’ll have you know that I got my nose pierced back when it was still something that only weird girls did, not the cool girls. I’m never quite in style, so it bugs me that the tattoo design I have picked is rather popular right now. Alas, it’s been sitting with me for months now and I feel at peace with the design.


I’m going with a dandelion tattoo, in full seed, because my sons call them wishers.

Make a Wish: 04.30.08

They have always called them wishers and, while they might someday roll their eyes at me when I reference their love of wishers, I will always hold those memories in my heart… of stomping feet in a stroller, demanding a wisher to blow. Of arguing over the last wisher in our brand new yard, the only dandelion in the whole darn development (though now there are many because, well, they blew on the wisher, likely wishing for more wishes and spreading seed everywhere). Of stopping in the middle of an Easter Egg hunt to pick not one, not two, but three wishers to blow all by himself since his brother was off searching for eggs.

Easter 2012

And my wishes for the two of them will be forever visible on my skin. You know, like stretch marks but cooler.

I have the design mostly floating around in my head. In fact, stomping around on Easter Sunday brought me to this patch of wishers that the boys left untouched and helped solidify a few more things in my design.

Easter 2012

Sadly, I’m searching for a new tattoo artist as we have lost our previous guy. (Hey, Pittsburgh? Some help here would be lovely.) I hope to get this tattoo in October, when summer travel and sun and fun and beach and water are done for the year again. I honestly can’t wait.

You know you’re ready for a new tattoo when you stop making excuses (weight, time, money) and start making plans.


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  1. I didn’t know dandelions were “in” in the tattoo world. Interesting. I think that is a lovely choice and perfect for you as well as what you want the tattoo to represent.

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