Home Is Where Your Heart Is, Even When You Can’t Find the Microwave

At least once a day, LittleBrother tells me, “I love our new house.”

That’s good, because we live there whether he loves it or not.

I had been worried about the boys’ transition to the new house. In the weeks preceding our move, they asked lots of questions. Like, “Are we going to take our toys?” And, “What about our beds?” And one that LittleBrother kept harping on, “Mommy, please don’t forget my toothbrush, okay?” It’s hard to explain that, yes, you’re going to move everything to the new house. BigBrother didn’t remember the last move; he was three months old and had a crib, a bouncy seat and some basic toys. Since then, he collected a bit more stuff… to put it mildly.

Thankfully they really do love the new house. They have more space in absolutely every place they could have more space. More bedroom space. A longer hallway to run up and down in their underwear, yelling, “Tra-la-LAA!,” thus channeling Captain Underpants. A much, much bigger playroom. Bigger rooms that they don’t care about (read: kitchen, dining room, and so on). A big front yard and a huge back yard! Even their closets are bigger and I have found them, on more than one occasion, huddled in a closet, playing and giggling. The transition hasn’t been much of a transition for them at all.

Maybe it’s because they’re kids and they adjust to change easier than adults do — or, uh, easier than I do. Because why can’t I remember where the cups and glasses are? Or the microwave — it’s not like the microwave is hard to see. There it is! See it! It is not over there! Why do you walk over there? I don’t know. The kitchens aren’t even remotely shaped the same, so why do I wander around aimlessly opening cupboard doors? Also, I keep reaching to the right for the toilet paper; it is not there. It is on the left. In fact, it was on the left at the old house, too. What is my problem?

But maybe it’s also because of their outlook on life.

We were heading home today after running a few errands.

“Home, home, home we go,” I chanted from the driver seat. Mostly I was trying to keep LittleBrother awake as he looked particularly dozy. As a rule, if he falls asleep in the car, he will be a bear for the rest of the day. We try to avoid this at all costs.

There was a pause. I was afraid he had fallen asleep.


“Home is where your heart is,” came his little voice from the back seat. I was kind of taken aback.


“Home. is. where. your. heart. is,” he slow-spoke in a louder voice than before, just in case I was either losing my hearing or just not very smart. I craned my neck at the stop sign to see him in the back seat.

“Well, that’s true. Very true. So is our new house a home?”

“Yes, Mommy. You’re silly.”

And there you have it.

Maybe he didn’t have a transition or adjustment period because it wasn’t about the house or the space or finding the freaking microwave or the bathroom in the dark (though that was an interesting first night which caused us to purchase a night light for the hall the next day). Our home traveled with us from one house to another. The heart of our family didn’t change, just the place where we live.

My four-year-old is wiser than I am — and I’m okay with that.

Watermarked Version of Swinging

I just hope to stop wandering around the kitchen sometime soon. You know, before I rearrange it and cause further confusion and delay. That’s just how I roll.


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4 Replies to “Home Is Where Your Heart Is, Even When You Can’t Find the Microwave”

  1. When we moved to our current home I lost stuff. Still don’t know where it is.;)

    I felt badly, though, because a year after we moved the older boy was packing one day and I asked him what he was doing. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “packing for our new house.” and I was all, “um,.we stay here.” poor kid was five, didn’t realize that we weren’t going to make moving a regular thing.

  2. I laughed so loud at LB’s loud-n-slow treatment that co-workers asked me to share. :)

    Don’t’cha love when those heartwarming moments pop up? They’re like little bubbles in time when you know, without a doubt, you’re doing a good job.

    (And I’m glad to hear you’ve moved the disappearing, reappearing microwave!)

  3. What a wise child you have!

    About finding stuff in the kitchen – when we first moved to our house in 2010, I labelled all the kitchen cabinets on the outside with post-its. Mostly so I could plan where to put stuff in my attempt to be organized, but then I left the post-its until I remembered without a doubt where everything was. And so FireMan wouldn’t have to ask me about every blessed thing.

    In fact… just yesterday I noticed I had never taken down one of the post-its. It’s a rarely used cabinet tucked into a corner, fairly out of sight. I really should take that down…

  4. Awwwww, love this post. Just so you know, I still have trouble finding the microwave sometimes. But, let’s NOT open up THAT can worms just yet okay?

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