The Things You Do Differently in a New House: Hanging Photos

I had a photo wall at the old house. I didn’t really have a plan when I started. I just started nailing things and tried to make it look nice. There were multiple nail holes behind every photo.

It started out like this:

The Picture Wall

Over the years, it evolved into this:

Old House - Photo Wall


There was no rhyme or reason. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. I knew I wanted to go about it differently when we moved into our new home. I had pinned some good ideas, but have yet to unpack the wax paper. So I grabbed a roll of the kids’ art paper, traced absolutely every frame I wanted to hang, marking their nail holes and got to taping it on the wall. I measured and removed and replaced and cussed and moved a couch I shouldn’t have moved by myself and eventually came up with this grouping.

Hanging Photos

I was quite exhausted by that point, but I got to nailing. I only had one goof up where I finished hanging a photo and then removed the next piece of paper before nailing. I had to remeasure and tape and cuss some more. But it’s done.

It’s not 100% perfect and, when little feet run, pictures that were hanging straight are tilted ever so slightly. But it’s done. For now. And, having a much bigger living room, there’s room to add more photos as we see fit. Also, I still haven’t updated a number of photos on the wall to reflect the past year. I’m sure I’ll get there at some point.

Hanging Photos

Adding the photo wall, our art wall, the normal nick-knacks, drapes and the Easter decorations really made the living room feel like “ours” today. We’re making this new house our home. It’s rather exhausting, but I’m enjoying the process.


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5 Replies to “The Things You Do Differently in a New House: Hanging Photos”

  1. Oh, Jenna, I completely get where you are right now. We are still working like fiends in our new house, and, although progress IS being made, it feels like such a slow process. But we’ll get there. At least you’re already at the picture-hanging stage: I’m just now starting to move boxes and furniture in and rediscover what I own after not seeing any of it for a year! Best of luck to the Fire Family in the coming weeks…..turn that house into your home! :)

  2. Did you use a hammer and nails, OOK hangers, etc.? We recently had all of the plaster walls in our 100 year old house repaired and then all but two rooms repainted. I have no less than 50 pictures to rehang. First I want to remove the backs of the frames, open them up and then give the glass a good cleaning. Also, I decided I don’t want nail holes compromising the expensive work that has been done so every time I go to the store I pick up a pack of 3M hangers. I’m hoping for the best. I’d be curious if anyone has used 3M hangers for 8 by 10 or larger frames and hear their experiences.

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