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We’ve Been Busy…

I’ve been quiet here. I’ve had a lot to say, but I haven’t wanted to say it out loud. You know how you get to a point when you want something so badly and you’re so close to getting it but you’re afraid that if you say it out loud, it just won’t happen. Yes, I was in that place. Silenced by a longing for this moment…

New House

We bought a new house today! The closing was at 4:00pm and by 6:30 we were painting.

As some of you know, we’ve been looking since August of 2011. We originally saw this house in October, but FireDad wasn’t sure about it. We originally were dead set on a house in the country. I grew up on nearly 90 acres. He grew up in a tiny town on a large lot. We learned very quickly with our first home purchase that city life, however small our city is, wasn’t right for us. However, with the oil and gas coming to our area, no one was selling houses in the country. There were a few — no, only two — neighborhoods (read: houses without lots of land) that we had on our list of acceptable. This house was in one of those neighborhoods.

In late January, after we were outbid on a house in the country, we decided to see this house again. The timing was right because the previous owners had already moved and were willing to deal. Once we got it under contract, it was a long process as we were using my husband’s VA loan. That’s a post in itself for another time because, good gravy, that’s a difficult process to get through. But we did.

The first thing the boys did when we got to the new house today was climb the tree in the front yard.

New House

New House

New House

It’s a lovely ranch style home (also a post in itself) in a lovely neighborhood with children and normal people and homes that are well cared for and, beyond our street? Is nothing but a field and trees. It’s quiet. It’s lovely.

It’s home.

I have wanted to talk about it for weeks. But with the VA process, you never quite know if you’re going to close until you get the call that says, “Bring x-amount of dollars at x-time.” That call came today and a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I could breathe. I could smile. I could write.

Today we begin a new chapter. There’s lots of painting to be done. And carpet cleaning. And new windows. And making it our own. At some point I’ll be refinishing a hutch my grandfather built with bright yellow paint. But however long it takes, I’m just so, so happy.


Welcome to our home and the next chapter of our lives.

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How exciting! Congratulations! And I totally understand the painting thing-my husband slept in our *empty* house so he could get painting done before we started moving in over the next few days! Have a great weekend!

Congratulations! What a wonderful neighborhood, with room for your boys, room to think & breathe. And good job on painting before moving in. We drove straight from our signing to the new house with a U-Haul full of stuff. It took us 7 years to finally paint the kitchen (green)!

Congratulations! My husband and I just closed on our new home on Thursday! I wonder if the colors in your new place are as bad as ours are…..goodness gracious. We decided to hire a professional painter to re-do the entire inside of the house and I am so glad we made that choice. It’s going to be a BIG job…..there are truly awful, bright colors on the walls right now. It looks like a Caribbean island threw up in there, and in the worst way possible. Yikes. So, wish us luck, and best of luck to you in your new digs! Can’t wait to read more about it. :)

Wooo — Happy congratulations to the whole Fire Family. A new nest is always cause for celebration. Here’s to many happy memories for all of you in your lovely home :-)

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