Why Being a Kindergarten Teacher Would Be HILARIOUS (and #17daysofgreen )

BigBrother brought home his February journal today. It’s my favorite thing about school thus far. It started out with simple one word caption for the simple pictures he drew and has grown into complex sentences and totally awesome drawings. It was a lot of Buzz Lightyear and Mario when school first started.

This journal came home with no Buzz, no Mario, lots of Phinneas (Fineas) and Ferb, some Star Wars and… some family stuff! I was tickled, of course. There was one drawing of the four of us with a sentence that read, “I like my famile (family) because we have fun together.” I smiled. I felt loved. I imagined the teacher reading it and picturing us as this great, awesome family.

I got smug.

Then I turned the page.

And gazed upon this.

I asked him what *those* were. He said "swimmies." whew.

I gasped and showed my husband. He laughed. The accompanying sentence was “I like my famile because they play wif (with) me.”

With THAT picture.

Oh hell. I wonder what the teacher was thinking when she saw that one.

I walked back to BigBrother’s room, journal in hand.

“Hey buddy, your journal is awesome this month!”



“Can I, uh, ask what this picture is?”

He looked.

“Yeah, that’s LittleBrother and me.”

Curiouser and curiouser.

“Well, uh, what are these?” I pointed.

“Those are swimmies, Mommy. We’re going swimming!”

Ahh, swimmies. The drawing was right after we went to Castaway Bay. It suddenly made a lot of sense. I told him it was a great picture and breathed a sigh of relief. Whew. I hope he explained that one to his teacher.

But really, these are the little reasons it must be hilarious to be a Kindergarten teacher. I think.

— __ — __ —

As an aside, here’s today’s 17 Days of Green photo!

Today's green involves a sweater & a ninja turtle. #17daysofgreen

A Ninja Turtle joined me. Life is good.


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3 Replies to “Why Being a Kindergarten Teacher Would Be HILARIOUS (and #17daysofgreen )”

  1. I love reading Charlie’s journals from 1st grade. There are some that the entire class does and it get sent home round robin for the parents to read and sign off on. One of Charlie’s journal entries and photos in regards to the family has the dog, Daddy and Charlie playing outside. Quote “I didn’t have room to draw you Mommy”. *sigh*

  2. I love the journals! They are especially nice when the kids get older and don’t want to share as much. Meg used to draw people with giant “shoulders” but they looked like perky breasts! Loved it :)

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