17 Days of Green: Weekend 1

Today's green! Date night too! #17daysofgreen
Saturday, March 3, 2012

My parents took the boys on Saturday for an overnighter so FireDad and I could have a date night. We’ve been under a lot of stress as of late with house issues, work and two little boys who can’t be in the same room without pushing each others’ buttons. They had been missing Papau and YiaYia and I had been missing my husband. It was win-win.

We met at a city that rests almost exactly between here and there. I got out of our vehicle and my Dad exclaimed, “What’s with all the green! It’s not St. Patrick’s Day yet!” So I reminded him of my love for green and explained #17daysofgreen. He laughed; he’s used to my “unique” ideas after all. He’s my Dad! He’s been around for all of them.

They drove off in one direction with the boys while FireDad and I drove off in another.


Today's green involves a few other bold colors. Also green pants #ftw #17daysofgreen
Sunday, March 4

I met my parents for dinner tonight to pick up the boys. They were already getting seated when I walked into the restaurant. My Dad took a look at me and said, “What’s up? You’re not wearing any green!” I pointed at my pants. “Yes I am! It’s not all green, all the time. You can wear all kinds of colors with green!” He laughed his laugh. I hugged my boys, chatted through dinner and did-not-enjoy a shamrock smiley cookie.

Shamrock cookies. #17daysofgreen
Eat ‘n Park smiley cookies are cute — but gross.

The boys seem refreshed and happy. FireDad and I are refreshed and happy. Another week of green awaits… and I feel absolutely ready to tackle it head on.


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6 Replies to “17 Days of Green: Weekend 1”

  1. WHERE did you get that cardigan? And that shirt? You look adorable in that outfit!

    And also? I am totally going to that restaurant. Ahem.

    I can’t believe you don’t like Smiley cookies. I could eat an entire dozen in one sitting. I need to get my hands on some Shamrock shaped ones. Mmmm.

    1. Cardigan was Maurice’s almost two years ago. Shirt was Chadwicks almost two years ago.

      You’ll love it.

      And man, they taste like cardboard. Ick yuck blech.

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