17 Days of Green, Day 1: Favorites

#17daysofgreen - Day 1

Last night I waded through our shared closet and hunted for something to kick off my little 17 Days of Green project. It’s not hard. I say that my wardrobe is 75% green; that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I love green. I gravitate toward green. I get sad when I miss something green on sale. I like all shades of green, though I look best in jewel toned, grass green. But I wear them all.

Today I paired one of my favorite spring and summer green dresses with my favorite jacket, which I stalked two Targets to buy two years ago, and my favorite necklace. Ever. From Etsy by Tom Bjorn Designs. I also wore black leggings and black sandals even though the high was only somewhere in the mid-40’s. I have Spring Fever, despite the total lack of Real Winter, and I’m going with it.

I have some fun green photography ideas floating around in my head for right now, but I’m simply glad the sun is shining and March is here. We’ll see where the next 17 days take us. I know I have one hope as to where the month takes us, but we’ll just see…

#17daysofgreen - Day 1

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