Oh, These Times Are Hard

It’s been stressful around these parts lately. Today started out poorly and remained stuck in the suck all day long. Despite wanting to put everyone — including myself — in bed at 6:30, we headed to the store to buy a new alarm clock so maybe someone will stay in his room past 7:00. And Tic-Tacs, because I’m nothing if not addicted to Pinterest; it makes my anxiety-induced insomnia tolerable.

Piled into the car, we all sat silently, staring out our respective windows. The radio was on, something we normally can’t hear for the volume we create is usually quite loud… even on happy days. BigBrother has always been a music lover, and so when he’s quiet enough to hear a song, he’ll usually sing along if he knows the words. He hums if he doesn’t. It’s really kind of heart-melting and is one of those memories I hope to hold onto forever.

The Script’s song, “For the First Time,” came on, and he sang along. I smiled in spite of my exhaustion, my tired ears, my anger with myself. While there’s a push I’ve seen as of late to not let kids listen to songs that “they don’t understand,” I have the best memories of sitting in the truck with my dad, singing songs I didn’t understand. He kept on singing, right through the bridge.

Oh, these times are hard.
Yeah they’re makin’ us crazy;
Don’t give up on me, baby.”

Emphasis his.

My eyes kind of welled up with guilty tears. I looked at FireDad who was sad-smiling and nodding too. Well, that’s a gut-check and a half if there ever was one.

These times have been hard lately. There’s a lot of unknown and stress and hurry up and wait and funk and sad and anxiety and sibling rivalry and keep your hands to yourselves and “NO!” floating around these parts. It’s hard to keep perspective, to take a moment to breathe, to join the hug and just let what will be… be. It’s shaming, guilting, deeply crushing and somewhat embarrassing when you’re sitting in a car listening to your oldest song sing a song about a broken relationship only to realize that you’re not being all that you could be or all that you should be or all that you want to be.

January Fun

I’m not telling you that I didn’t put the kids to bed as soon as we got home. I’m not saying I wasn’t glad when the house was quiet. But it just made me sit and take note that while these times may be hard — and they are — I’m very, very thankful for my family.

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That song gets me every time … usually for some different reason or another, but still, it’s an emotional punch. I’m so sorry things are so tough for all of you right now. Sending you many hugs ….

We keep a radio in the kitchen for just such occasions. Then again, my kids are older and usually are very vocal about why they like or don’t like a particular song which then sparks all sorts of conversations. Don’t worry, you are not the only one, my friend. Hang in there and just keep on loving on that gorgeous family of yours.

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