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Review: The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown didn’t initially strike me as a book that I would walk away from changed. I figured I would once again read a book, enjoy it or not, review it and life would continue. For the most part, that’s what happened.

But every once in awhile, a novel will throw a few points at me, a few quotable passages, that make me think about my life in different ways… about myself in different ways. The Weird Sisters may very well be a fictional account of three sisters who “go back home.” And, if I may step off of my train of thought for a second, the book made me simultaneously sad and happy that I was never blessed with a sister. We might have killed one another. I’ll take my stinky brother any day. Back on track, the book may have been about three sisters. It may have been an enjoyable, quick read. It may very well sit atop my list of favorite 2012 books; it’s only mid-February, so there’s time left to see.

But it was also a book that wasn’t of the self-help variety that made me question myself, how I view myself and if I’m doing it all wrong. Or right. Or something in the middle.

The passage that caught my breath comes somewhere near the end. You don’t need the back story to appreciate it for what it says:

“We all have stories we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we are too fat, or too ugly, or too old, or too foolish. We tell ourselves these stories because they allow us to excuse our actions, and they allow us to pass off the responsibilities for things we have done — maybe to something within our control, but anything other than the decisions we have made.”

The Weird Sisters

Gut punch much?

I don’t own highlighters anymore, so I got out colored pens and underlined it, multiple times in some places. I recognized myself in that paragraph; the excuses I make for not being organized or not writing that book or being late or being fat or not being myself or yelling at my kids or my anxiety or, the elephant in the room, my daughter.

So not only did I take away a lovely reading experience from this novel, but I took away this great big thought. I don’t quite know what to do with it or where to put it or even how I feel about it, but it has stuck with me in the days since I finished reading and I feel as if it will stick with me for quite some time.

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I love that passage. Seriously how true is that? I’m thinking of printing that out and hanging it on the fridge. A reminder for myself and my teenage daughters. Thanks!

This book has been on my To Read list since it came out. I think it just moved up in the queue about a hundred spots or so! (And I love that you’re a fellow book-writer-inner. Yes, that’s a technical term. Ahem.)

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