January When It Comes

No one calls me Sweet Pea anymore.

Or Wren.

No one sings next to me in church with a deep bass, a bit off the rhythm but with the most joy anyone could muster.

No one calls and asks to speak to Centerfold.

As we move toward buying a new house, I know he won’t be there to help us paint — with a smile. Who paints with a smile anyway? Just him.

My sons no longer have a great-grandpa who gets down on the floor — on his belly — and plays trains. Or cars. Or just hangs out. My kids were so, so blessed.

And yet…

and yet


While the phone doesn’t ring and I am not greeted by his deep voice… and there are no bone-crushing bear hugs… and I simply miss his face, his voice, his presence

He will always be with me, with us.

Two years may have passed. Two years without my beloved Papau. But he is still present in our memories, in our stories, in our hearts. In the lives we continue to live.

His legacy lives on through these two little guys.

Sleeping Forever

Natural Light

“They will fly me, like an angel,
To a place where I can rest.”

Missing you tonight… and always.


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6 Replies to “January When It Comes”

  1. Why did he call you “Wren?” Thats such a unique nickname. (My real name, so it stood out when I was reading this.)

    I miss my great-grandmother sometimes but she passed when I was little. Grandparents are such a different kind of love.

  2. Oh hun, I can tell you it will get better but you will still always miss him. That’s the hard part about loved one’s. I’m so glad you had someone that touched your life so much and you can tell such great stories to your boys.

    You got to be Jen the Wren, my FIL called me “what’s her name” for years and years. He’s a funny man lmbo My kids are blessed every day with their grandparents. I didn’t have the same experience they have. I treasure it for them and encourage all interaction.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss! I lost my Great-Grandmother when I was younger and I still miss her to this day. I remember the good times and the things that she taught me but it really does just seem like yesterday.

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