Happy End of NaBloPoMo


So much happened this month. We visited the Munchkin. BigBrother turned six. The birthday party. LittleBrother turned four. Thanksgiving. Christmas parade. Decorating. Work. This. That. The other thing.

And I blogged every single day.

Someone pass me a glass of wine.

You would think that there would be time to breathe after a month like November, but tomorrow’s calendar page turn means that December is upon us — and there’s no time to breathe in December. It’s all go, all the time.

If I could blog 30 days during the crazy month of November, surely I can survive the crazy month of December. Right? Right? Someone say right.

Let’s do this.


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7 Replies to “Happy End of NaBloPoMo”

  1. I didn’t do Nablopomo this year and I sort of wish I had, but then again I know why I didn’t. I am hoping to blog everyday in December, it will hopefully keep me out of my funk and give me an outlet for those feelings that creep up on me each December because of my dad passing away.

    I enjoyed reading your posts on my phone, even if I didn’t comment on lots because my phone hates commenting for some reason.

  2. Right!

    You’ve got this! And if at any point you feel like you don’t just remember you aren’t alone and you don’t have to do it all alone. Let others lift you up and be gentle with yourself especially this month.

    Oh and congrats on completing nablopomo I failed half way through.

  3. I agree with Kat completely. You can do this, and you are NOT alone. We are all here to support you through December as well as the rest of the year!

    And…congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo – I didn’t even make it halfway through before I failed miserably!


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