How I Threw a Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party

It’s done. It’s over. I threw the boys a Super Mario Bros. birthday party — and it was a raging success. Whew. That said, I thought I would write about my planning process, because it’s been an interesting one. If you’re planning a Mario and Luigi birthday party, this might be of help to you. If not, at least there are pretty pictures in this post.

First and foremost: Some aspects of the Mario birthday party are easier thanks to the release of Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the past few years. Birthday Express is where I ordered our Super Mario Bros. party supplies from, and I was pleased with them. (Of note: They also have a Mario Kart birthday set.) Now that I’ve got the first and foremost out: I never just rely on a kit birthday set.


I bought two sets of dinner plates featuring Mario, two sets of dessert plates featuring Luigi, and two sets of napkins (mushrooms!). I then filled out the rest of the plates with red and green (Mario and Luigi), red and green cups, and red and green silverware. I’ve always done this. It’s one way to add characters to a party without spending an arm and a leg. Adults don’t need character plates anyway, though I was happy to have a mushroom napkin. 1 up! I got some red and green table covers and some red and green streamers as well to round out the whole Mario and Luigi feel of the room.

I kept the balloons to a minimum because there are no local places that actually fill balloons anymore, and as such we had to buy our own helium tank. I filled a few red, a few green, a few blue and white cloud baloons and the two Mario and Luigi mylar balloons I bought to match the theme.


One great thing that I encountered while planning this party was Pinterest. This is the first year that I’ve thrown the boys’ birthday party since Pinterest has been in existence. I will tell you this: It’s a double edged sword. I found a ton of amazing cake ideas. I honestly wanted to make my famous rainbow cake (think Rainbow Road!) with blue icing and stars (original link), but I hit a brick wall as the date for the party came and decided to order a cake. As I stood at a local bakery, looking through their cake sets, the lady said to me, “Isn’t Mario a little out-dated?” I may have had a slightly snippy tone when I replied, “Well, they released a new game last year, so no.” In short: no cake set. So I ordered two sets of Super Mario Bros. figures to set on top of the ordered cake. Problem solved.


I also put Mario and Luigi on top of the top cupcake on my cupcake holder. I did make the cupcakes myself; as the cake was chocolate, I made Martha’s vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing, and, in a stroke of timing win, I covered them with red and green sprinkles. What’s the perfect time of year to throw a Mario (red) and Luigi (green) party? Right before Christmas! Score! So stock up in the after-season sales if you know a child in your house is going to want a Mario Bros. party in the next year.




I briefly considered this crazy Mario cupcake spread (original link), but again, I just didn’t have it in me to pull that off.

I hate party games, but kids love party games and so — party games it was! We played Pin the Mustache on Mario. You can print a mustache template. I ordered Mario silk poster that we stuck on the wall for the game. It’s actually high quality and will be going up in the boys’ playroom. Cutting out 30 mustaches was exhausting, and I had initially planned on making a bucket of mustaches on sticks for people to hold up for pictures. Yet another project that ended up getting scrapped because I value my sanity.


The other party game we played was rather easy: Find the gold coins! The boys hid a bunch (150+) gold coins around the room while the adults did the other decorating in honor of how Mario and Luigi’s goal in life is to collect the most gold coins. (Well, and save the Princess.) The problem I ran into with this game is that the boys “hid” the coins in not so hidden places. As such, the kids had been finding them well before the game kicked off. One of the older kids (a tween) at the party helped us out and re-hid the already found one. As such, a tip: Kick off the party with the “find the coins” game.

The party goodie bags were the biggest Pinterest win-slash-fail that I found for my party. I absolutely fell in love with these adorable Mario mushroom goodie bags (original link via Etsy). I didn’t put the eyes on my goodie bags for this reason: I put hours and hours and hours into the bags that I eventually ended up with in the end. I only payed for the brown lunch bags as I had the red, green and white foam hanging around the house. As our parties are big (two kids = twice the party gueses), I had to make 26 bags. I probably had 12 hours tied into these bags. My tip: Use something stronger than Elmer’s school glue sticks. The Elmer’s craft glue sticks actually worked much better. But still? I’m really, really proud of them.


I served a lot of good food. Pizza from our favorite local pizza place, Wally’s, my own variation of Simply Recipe’s Baked Ziti, a very big veggie tray, my buffalo dip, my mom’s clam dip, hummus, salsa, guacamole, ranch dip, and various chips and pretzels. We also had red and green M&M’s (again, Mario and Luigi meet Christmas) and a great mix of peanuts and such from my grandmother-in-law. I almost made a double batch of buffalo dip, but doubted myself — and I should have. It was gone very quickly. In short, the food was a hit — and I actually ate some.

In short: It was a really great party. All of the little things that some people make fun of me for doing came together to make a really nice party for a bunch of little kids. You can also check out my Mario and Luigi Birthday Party Pinterest board. And really, it comes down to these two little guys having a great time.


They loved their party so hard, and that’s what matters most to me!


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9 Replies to “How I Threw a Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party”

    1. My mom made a comment that I learned my party-throwing from my paternal grandma. And she may be right. The gold coins were great. I didn’t hide the chocolate coins because, on the off chance that they weren’t found, I didn’t want the church where we threw the party to be mad about melted chocolate. BUT! We put chocolate coins in the goodie bags.

  1. Holy cow! What an awesome looking party! I LOVE those gift bags! I’m glad that the joint birthday party works well for you guys. We will be doing it next year. You are my party throwing inspiration!

  2. I agree with Courtney and all the rest. What a fabulous party! Your work definitely shows, and I don’t think ANYONE missed the things you decided not to invest time in (the 8-bit Mario cupcake, etc) except perhaps you because you intended to do those things in the first place. I love the 8-bit cupcake, but I actually like the way your cupcakes turned out better. Love that display tower! The gold coins were a great idea too. You’re an awesome momma! Thanks for sharing pics – I’m happy we all got a chance to be “at” the party even though we couldn’t in reality actually be there.

  3. Love the party idea! I can’t believe someone said “isn’t Mario outdated”? I wonder where she’s been living. LOL. Is it hard to get the boys to choose the same birthday party theme? I have been hearing so much about pinterest but haven’t tried it yet.

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