Education Woes

Our school’s levy failed on election day.

I’m kind of heartbroken.

Our city is known for being very accepting and supportive of local levies, whether they’re for the fire department (as in, they keep my husband employed) or for our schools (as in, they educate my children). This was a low blow that I wasn’t expecting.

I know it’s a very, very hard time economy-wise for so many families as of late, especially in our area. The recession kind of slowly seeped its way into our area, but its hold has been pretty strong. I don’t hold anyone accountable for voting no for this levy; if we were really struggling financially right now, I can’t guarantee that I would have voted for the levy. I understand not knowing whether or not you have enough to make it to the next week. I hold no grudges.

But I worry.

I think my husband and I are not only responsible with our money but with our votes. We may have voted against Issue 2, but we voted for new taxes. We don’t vote straight ballot; it’s not how we work. I can’t change how people voted this past Tuesday. Maybe we can influence people in the next election, better educate them — not wait so long to get the word out due to fear of retaliation. But I can continue to help my son at home, to make sure that he’s getting all he can out of his formative educational years. I may not be able to rely on voters — but I can count on us to help this little guy (and his brother) along.

Love :)

And, quite honestly? That’s kind of what matters most to us.

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You’re right. Education should still remain as a priority in these hard times. If the voters won’t go for it, then it is the parent’s duty to take steps for the sake of their children.

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