Happy End of NaBloPoMo


So much happened this month. We visited the Munchkin. BigBrother turned six. The birthday party. LittleBrother turned four. Thanksgiving. Christmas parade. Decorating. Work. This. That. The other thing.

And I blogged every single day.

Someone pass me a glass of wine.

You would think that there would be time to breathe after a month like November, but tomorrow’s calendar page turn means that December is upon us — and there’s no time to breathe in December. It’s all go, all the time.

If I could blog 30 days during the crazy month of November, surely I can survive the crazy month of December. Right? Right? Someone say right.

Let’s do this.


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Fire Tree, 2011

It’s time for the Annual Fire Tree update! We decorated the day after Thanksgiving. It was like a treasure hunt for me, pulling out all of the new-to-us firefighter ornaments I scoured the net for over the year. “Oh yeah! I forgot about that one!” Nothing like a little Christmas before Christmas for me.

Let’s see what’s new this year.

Fire Tree 2011

We’ll kick it off with this Hurrying Downstairs bear (Hallmark, 1996) which is reminiscent of last year’s (er, all time?) favorite, “Fire Pole Dancer Santa.” This little bear strikes me as a bit more innocent — and not drunk. Or stripping. He has a front spot this year.

Fire Tree 2011

I bought a lot of six of these Faithful Fire Fighter (Hallmark, 1993) dalmatians. That’s right. Six. Mainly because I forgot I grabbed one just before Christmas last year, so now we have seven on the tree. They’re pretty darn cute, dotting the tree. I felt pretty awesome for finding a lot of six, no box, for the price of one regular Hallmark ornament though. Best price record!

Fire Tree 2011

I bought Donald the Firefighter at the Disney Store in Times Square when I went to NYC for BlogHer Writers ’11. I think that trip made a new shopping goal for trips we make: trying to find a firefighter themed ornament. It could be fun!

Fire Tree 2011

I kind of love this Firefighter Wreath (Hallmark, 2006) ornament. I’d kind of like to have a real sized one on our door. An old hose, a bell, a glove and an axe. Well, minus the axe. I think an axe on your door says, “Hey! Break me down!” Let’s not go that far.

Three Ornaments Collage

These three small ornaments are nothing spectacular, but deserve to be featured as they are new to the Fire Tree. On the left we have North Pole 911 (Hallmark, 1995). It’s a mouse, and as such, it’s very cheesy. In the center we have Hallmark Miniature Series Ornament Fire Brigade #3, 2006. It is very small. I have another miniature on the tree somewhere — and have lost it. I may have to start a miniature tree for these specific “miniature” ones. I’ll consider it for next year. Last we have Firefighting Bear (Hallmark, 1994). The whole “Red Hot Holiday” is very Holiday Innuendo Guy.

Fire Tree 2011

This is the Snoopy I mentioned scoring right before Christmas last year. I love him lots. He’s hanging out right in FireDad’s eyesight when he’s relaxing in his recliner.

Fire Tree 2011

Of course we have the annual ornament from Robert’s Fire Catalog from 2010. I’m sure 2011 will join us this year, even though it’s blue.

And now? The best find of 2011. Sadly, it’s not as funny as last year. But it’s a hard find. And it’s mine.

Fire Tree 2011

Mmm-hmm. That’s a Santa’s Fire Engine, Here Comes Santa, from 1985. I won’t really get into the ages that FireDad and I were in that year, but know that FireDad already knew he wanted to be a firefighter. So it’s a welcome addition to our Christmas tree. There are about a dozen or so of these on eBay right now, ranging from $0.01 (overseas, beware) to $45.00! I think $12.00 — shipped — is a fine deal for an old ornament!

Fire Tree 2011

I realized this year that I need to start a spreadsheet (yes!) for all of our firefighter ornaments, specifically the Hallmark ones. While I enjoy having seven fire dalmatians on the tree, it wasn’t a purposeful purchase. Keeping track will help avoid wasted shipping. Then again, what’s the harm in more firefighter ornaments? I mean, I’m pretty sure Santa already has two more Hallmark ornaments in the plans for this year, as well as that stinkin’ blue one. I’d say that I’m banning myself from eBay until after Christmas is over, but we know that won’t happen. I have my eyes on a 2003 “Ruff and Tuff Hero,” which I haven’t been able to score as of yet. If you get it for me, I’ll love you forever!

Fire Tree 2011

I think I have to start another post as well for the other firefighter Christmas stuff we have around the house that can’t actively hang on the tree due to size. Look for that soon!