What I Want to Remember of This Halloween

Halloween Night Favorites

He ran everywhere. He kept up with the older kids without whining or hesitation. He found his principal, another Kindergarten teacher and a specials teacher — and hugged them all. He ran into friends and gave them high-fives while yelling loudly and being of general good cheer. He owned his costume and regularly spouted, “Luigi time!,” while tipping his hat and punching the sky with his other fist. As he ran back to the adults waiting on the road, his feet rarely touched the ground.

He was BigBrother, through and through.


Halloween Night Favorites

He walked the whole way — for the first Halloween ever. Sometimes he was upset when the bigger kids left him alone, but he kept on keeping on. His manners were impeccable; not only did candy givers receive a “thank you” but quite often they got a “Happy Halloween” to boot. As he got tired near the end, he was happy to let the older kids go to the houses while he stood and held my hand. Held my hand. He smiled the whole time, even when he ran out of energy.

He was LittleBrother, through and through.

It was a lovely Halloween evening. We have too much candy, two boys who were too tired for baths before collapsing in bed and a tired set of parents. But it was one of those evenings that make memories to last a lifetime.


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