Please Don’t Buy These Firefighter Costumes for Your Kids

If you want to buy a good firefighter costume for your kids, please don’t buy any of these.

While I do love Aeromax and their real-looking firefighter costumes, this monstrosity used to be my least favorite. (See below for my new least favorite for girls.)

Plain and simple: If your little girl wants to be a firefighter, she doesn’t need a pink and blue uniform. She just doesn’t. The women that endure the pervasive sexism still alive in firefighting today don’t need your little girl to perpetuate the stereotype that girls need frillied up version of the real thing to make it count. Get her a normal uniform and have her run some stairs for awhile. She doesn’t need something pink to be a firefighter.

The winner of my new least favorite firefighter costume is this… …thing.



The number of sexualized adult (and thus worn by teen girls too) firefighter costumes is horrifying enough. It really is. But do we really, really need to vamp up our our size small girls? Do we? I mean, I know it’s the trend. A sickening, disgusting, awful, hideous trend, but a trend all the same. I just don’t know what mother or father would want their little girl to wear this to school, to a Halloween party, to walk the streets on trick-or-treat night. At least the pink and blue version looks like a firefighter costume and covers your child up. This? This is wrong on all levels. Don’t buy it. I will judge you.

(I will say that I understand some girls like wearing dresses. I do approve of this “different” but still close enough firefighter costume for girls. Order one size bigger to make sure her doopa is covered, okay?)

And lastly, of course, please don’t buy any of these costumes for your teenage daughter. Just please don’t.

Just Say No

If you — an adult — want to sex it up at a Halloween party, go right ahead. I won’t judge you, but I might offer you a jacket. Or pants. And if your partner is wearing this hot mess of an overcompensating costume, I won’t judge you either. I’ll just feel sorry for the both of you.

Come back Friday for some homemade firefighter costume options — for all of you procrastinators. (Or, uh, crafty people.) (But mostly procrastinators.)


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8 Replies to “Please Don’t Buy These Firefighter Costumes for Your Kids”

  1. Gross! What is with costume makers?! Everything for females has to be sexy? I just don’t get it. That second one doesn’t even vaguely look like a firefighter costume.

    I was griping the other day that if I wanted to dress up as a Star Wars character (I know; I’m a dork), there are hardly any good female Jedi costumes out there. My son told me he didn’t see why I couldn’t be a clone trooper. I like to think that means I’m doing it right.

  2. Charlie was a Firefighter last year and thankfully we were able to find a simple basic costume. It’s a lot like the first one you have, except not pink/blue (ew!), but black with the yellow stripes.

    Let me just say that there are time I am glad I have a boy.

  3. Oh GOOD LORD. What are parents thinking?! I am just tacky enough that I would raise my eyebrows at the parents if a child came to my door dressed in that second costume. Totally with you on these.

  4. Jaw. Dropped. Literally. Cannot. Close. Mouth.

    The 2nd costume is sickening. Period. I think I just threw up a little.

    First costume – sexist. You nailed it on the head. And as far as little girls wanting to be pink firefighters. Whatever. That’s only because adults / society forces that down their throats. Just ask my little girl. Who would probably ask what that was, since bunker gear clearly should only come in black or “yellow”.

    Adult costumes – I see these every year at fire conventions. Honestly, I usually think someone didn’t get enough attention from Daddy. Or (since the “models” are getting paid) must be hard up for cash to lose their self respect like that.

    I’m getting all Judgy McJudgerson up in here.

  5. I agree. I just hope your post will give some semblance of sanity to those who objectify their children. In the end they turn the kids into mascots and they are ruined. good eye!

  6. My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse, and when I was looking for her costume, for a five-year-old, there are trampy Minnie Mouse costumes out there. It is just unbelievable.

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