Instant Transformation

I was looking at the Santa photo from last December just last night and got twelve kinds of verklempt. It blows my mind that BigBrother has gone from looking like a large toddler to looking like a little boy in what feels like overnight.

The transformation was even more mind-blowing recently when he lost his two front teeth.

He went from this:

Two Front Teeth

To this:

Two Front Teeth

In about two minutes. And no, I didn’t do it. Gag.

His face looks older. In fact, he just seems older the past two days. It’s like I have an entirely different child in my house all of a sudden. Factor in the point that he sounds different because of his missing-teeth-induced lisp, and I’m just confused by the instant transformation. I look at him and my jaw kind of drops.

School picture day is next week, so this gap will be forever captured as a reminder of who he was at the beginning of Kindergarten. Not that I won’t be doing my own capturing, of course.


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3 Replies to “Instant Transformation”

  1. My son is 13 now. If we show him pics from just a year ago he can’t believe it’s him. He is tall and grows a ton every 6 months. It’s amazing to show him his baby pics when he was so chubby. He is a total rail because he grows so fast. lol

    It’s cool to show them pictures and they don’t believe it’s them.

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