Thoughts and Prayers to Our Favorite Place: Emerald Isle, NC

One year ago, August 25/26, 2010, in Emerald Isle, NC:

The Point, August 25, 2010

EI 2010
The Point, August 25, 2010

From Bogue Inlet Pier, August 26, 2010


It is, most assuredly, our favorite place. Hurricane Irene is set to come ashore tomorrow just east of Emerald Isle. From the most recent update on the island’s page:

Emerald Isle has not experienced sustained winds of 110 mph in any of the storms over the last 20 years, and based on the current forecast track the impacts of Irene will likely be worse than any previous hurricane affecting Emerald Isle in the last 20 years.

It’s interesting to me that I had been complaining, for over a year, that Kindergarten ruined my normal vacation. We’re usually there this week, enjoying one last hurrah before fall. If we were, we would already be packed up and leaving. The mandatory evacuation notice has been ordered. For vacation rentals through certain places, you can buy “Hurricane Insurance,” but it only offers reimbursement if they close the bridge. This could be the time they close the bridge. (We never buy Hurricane Insurance.) We went in June this year and had a blast. It was obviously meant to be as our vacation was immensely relaxing and this… well, this wouldn’t be.

Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with the residents of Emerald Isle that always make our vacation such an enjoyable time. For the houses we rent. For the home owners. For the business owners. For a little island that captured our hearts in the 90’s, that we have grown to love as if it was a home of our own.

Be well, Emerald Isle. Stand firm and be safe.


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