What a Brother Does All Day


He swings.

Monkey Bars

He gives the monkey bar a swing with his daddy.

With Mommy

He has some time alone with his mommy.

He misses his brother. I’ve already heard it in his tone when he asks if it’s time to pick up BigBrother yet. I’ve seen it in the way he looks at toys that are more fun when two people play together. But when he smiles at me on the playground or at the coffee shop or just in our living room and says, “I love you mommy,” I know that this one-on-one time that he’s really never had is probably a good thing. He’ll get two years of it.

Here’s hoping for two years of good memories together.

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Oh, I LOVED my two years with the youngest of my two! We had great times together. But in two short weeks, he’ll be a kindergartener. And my oldest will be in second grade! How did that happen?! But enjoy your time with Little Brother! Those impromptu hugs and “I love you”‘s are the BEST!

The next time this will happen is during his Junior and Senior years of high school. Believe me, it’s an entirely different experience! Every bit as important in terms of forming his own identity. But those monkey bars? Not so likely ;-)

Enjoy every minute of your together time, Jenna. It flies!

What a gift these two years will be! You’ll get to see a side of him that you maybe never knew existed (something that happens to me with my girls) and he will get to figure out he is apart from his big brother. Bonus: lots of time for the two of you together! :) Good times, all the way around.

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