In Case You Missed It, August 14th

I haven’t been able to do a weekly round-up post for months because of our crazy summer schedule. I thought I would give it a whirl again in a slightly different fashion. Just a few favorites (as before it was too many for me to keep up with!) and some links to stuff I wrote elsewhere this week.

  • An important post at Welcome to My Brain about both organ and bone marrow donation. Are you an organ donor? Are you on the marrow registry? Think about it; and think about how you’d want other people to be if it was someone in your family who needed bone marrow.
  • If you have fond memories of the 90’s, you need to read this post at House of Prince about Woodstock ’94. Complete with awesome 90’s pictures.
  • I really resonated with this post by zchamu about fear and BlogHer ’11. Not about BlogHer itself, but about writing and being and existing as I am. My favorite line:

    “My entire life, I have been afraid of everything. Doing something wrong. Doing something right. Having it all be my fault. Having nothing to do with it being my fault whatsoever, but knowing if I had been involved then whatever went wrong would have by definition been my fault, so somehow magically shifting it in my brain to having me take the blame anyway. Saying the wrong thing. Being Too Dramatic. Being too goofy. Being too emotional. Being altogether too ME, which somewhere along the line became a Highly Objectionable thing, at least as far as I was concerned, and as far as those around me were concerned as well, or at least that’s what I believed.

    And god, it’s tiring.”

  • A cute post on It’s not like a cat that involves police officers, firefighter helmets, overturned coffee tables and memories of a mother.
  • Rachel at A Southern Fairytale made me kind of weepy with her let me be enough post. I pray that everyday.
  • TW wrote a beautiful post about love and pie in honor of Jennifer Perillo’s husband Mikey. We’re making ours today. Don’t delay in making a pie — or whatever it is that you do — for your loved ones. You never know when it will be too late.
  • And if you’re considering starting your own blog, you need to read these tips for starting one by Musings of a Housewife.

As for me, here’s what I wrote elsewhere:

And, because I can, my favorite photo I snapped this week.

Weekly Fav 8/14

I hope you had a great week. I also hope to do this again next Sunday as we now seem to be home until, well, PodCamp Pittsburgh, which really is still kinda “home” for me. So it doesn’t count! We’re home until October!

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