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#1 on Our Christmas List: Transformers Rescue Bots

One of the best things I saw at the Expo Hall at BlogHer ’11 was right inside the door at the Playskool booth: Transformers Rescue Bots. One of which is a fire truck!

You see, I loved Transformers when I was young. I had this blue helicopter that was awesome. It was also easy to transform. I could do it by myself. Transformers nowadays? I cannot transform, let alone BigBrother… and especially not LittleBrother. So, we’ve been holding off on them for awhile though a few have made their way into the house via gifts.

These toys are made for the younger set. One move and the object is transformed. Hooray!

Bonus? That fire truck is awesome. High five, Playskool!

Here’s how it looks as a fire truck.

Playskool Transformers Rescue Bots

And here’s how it looks after you transform it into Heatwave the Fire Bot.

Playskool Transformers Rescue Bots

When I got home from San Diego, I also found out that they have a Fire Station. Check out the commercial; that fire station looks awesome. Oh yeah! It’s $49.99, so I think we’ll throw in the Optimus Prime Transformer and this firefighter guy with the fire truck and station and call it his BIG GIFT this year. From us, that is, because who knows what he’ll ask Santa for when it comes time. They never ask Santa for big gifts, amusingly. Last year LittleBrother asked for a (noisy, noisy, noisy) fire truck and BigBrother asked for a monster truck Lightning McQueen. Awesome.

I’m just excited about these because I know the boys will also be excited. And for those who think it’s too early to talk Christmas presents, I’ve already started shopping. With the boys’ birthdays in November, Munchkin’s birthday in December, our anniversary the following week and then Christmas the following week, I have to be on my game. Last year I waited too long and my anxiety was high because I wasn’t done before November. This year? Game on.

[Disclaimer: I didn’t receive anything free from Playskool to post this. I’m just really excited about Transformers that LittleBrother can play with that just so happen to be fire trucks!]

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Cool! Looks like it’s right up your alley, and the fire station does look really neat. What a great gift that will be. And yes, easy to transform is a huge plus. We have a ridiculously complex Optimus that seemingly takes an engineering degree to transform. We made him into a truck after much finagling, and he stayed that way for a year until my husband finally managed to transform him back. He stays a robot now.

My son would agree with you on the never-too-early thing. He’s already telling me “You know, I really like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I’m not asking. Just so you know.” (Subtlety is not his strong suit.)

Seriously. EVERY parent I have talked to about this issue has said the same thing: “I need an engineering degree to transform them!” And one of those IS AN ENGINEER. lol

I really think it will be a hit, especially as LB is VERY DEEPLY entrenched in a firefighter phase. Hopefully he still is come December. Ah, kids.

Question: What’s your violence rating on The Clone Wars. BB has been asking to watch it and I haven’t had time to DVR or grab from the library. I am tending to lean into the “it’s okay” side of thought as it’s Star Wars and I adore Star Wars, but I’d like to have the opinion of another mom I trust. So go!

I’d say around 8 or so is a good age to introduce kids to The Clone Wars, though of course it’s up to you and your mileage may vary depending on your kid and your family’s sensibilities.

There’s quite a bit of violence, and it’s not sanitized, which is good and bad. Bad because, well, violence. Characters (and not just droids) die. They scream. Other characters mourn them. And they don’t always die off-screen, or at least the “moment” is implied strongly enough that it might as well be on screen. It’s not gory or gratuitous, but it’s pretty central, and it’s tragic. But that’s also the good part, to my way of thinking — violence sucks, and it’s messy and sucky, no matter who does it. When the good guys have to resort to it, they’d rather not, and when they enjoy it too much, they’re probably wrong.

Except droids. They blast away at those.

It has, without giving away too much of the plot: people in near-constant peril from a variety of sources; lots and lots and lots of blaster shooting; lots of light-sabering; droids and people (and other humanoids) getting shot and destroyed/killed; traitors; illness; people with different and sometimes unpredictable agendas; good guys making bad decisions and bad guys being sympathetic characters; prejudice; vengeance; and all the difficulties that go along with war. Still, they handle all those issues surprisingly well, and if your son is ready to handle it (or when he is), some of these can be great conversation starters — there’s an episode, for example, that deals largely with politicians talking blithely about stepping up war efforts and a few characters being rather horrified that they’re treating the clones (troops) as a disposable resource. There’s another episode that’s a really well done parallel to occupations of war-torn countries. There’s loyalty. Love. And, of course, the unwavering good guys like Yoda. And much Star Wars goodness. (Many of the characters who never got their due in the films are here, which makes me happy.)

If you/your kid are ready for that, it’s also a really good series with character development and usually really good lessons. Waiting a year or two won’t kill the appeal at all. My husband watches it by himself.

Actually I had wondered the same thing since Charlie (who is 6 1/2) wants to watch Star Wars and the Clone Wars. I love how you spelled it all out. I think we will skip it for now but may show Charlie the original Star Wars movie and see how that goes. Thank you for the review! It was on target for what I wanted to know.

Charlie fell in love with those right away too! He’s been interested in Transformers for over a year now but the current toys are WAAAAY to complicated, even with the “grading” scale they use. Pbbffft! I can barely work them myself & Charlie certainly can’t.

Charlie has been saying “maybe for Christmas” since Easter when I tell him No about a toy. He has also decided his new cousins need to ask Santa for Rescue Bots since “they don’t really know what toys to ask Santa for since they just came from Russia.” ha! My sister is not amused but I’m laughing hysterically.

Those? Are seriously awesome! I’m excited for you. And really, easy younger-set Transformers have been needed for a long time. Glad Playskool figured it out! They’ll be The Thing this year, I’m sure!

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