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State of the ‘Stache: Where It Stands

Since FireDad is coming to San Diego with me for BlogHer ’11, I thought I should update my readers about the State of the ‘Stache. I haven’t posted about it for awhile because, well, his mustache is as mustache-y as it’s going to get. He can’t let it grow too long or it interferes with the seal on his firefighter mask.

And so, here we are.

Mustache BW

He wasn’t really pleased that I was taking a picture before we left for camp. But, come on, that brick wall was the perfect photo opp. Don’t make that face at me, Mr. Mustache Man!


And so, there it is. The mustache. It’s funny to me. Not the mustache, but how used to it I am. The family photos on the wall from this past fall? When I look at them, I think his upper lip looks… well… weird. The mustache has grown on me. Well, it grew on him, but I’m used to it now.

Apparently I am finally married to a real firefighter.

Speaking of mustaches, however, the boys found fake mustaches in the bookstore at camp. BigBrother was very excited. “We can surprise Daddy when he comes down to camp! It will be SO funny!” And so when FireDad walked in the door, we went running upstairs to be-mustache ourselves.


Can’t see? Let’s look closer.


FireDad was deeply amused. He thought it was a fantastic surprise. The boys wore their mustaches for the rest of the day, though I was a mean mommy and made them remove their fake ‘staches for their program. I thought it would be distracting for the other kids. And parents. Funny, but distracting. “Mommy, why do you have umpteen photos of that kid with a fake mustache but only one of me?” I did it for the kids, folks.

But yes, the boys thought they were hilarious.



As did I. I’m surrounded by mustaches.

I almost bought FireDad some mustache business cards for BlogHer ’11, but basically ran out of time. It’s a shame. It’s just as well. He’s been threatening to spend the entire time in the Pacific ocean with aviator sunglasses and just a Speedo. You have been warned.

8 replies on “State of the ‘Stache: Where It Stands”

It’s so weird how facial hair grows on you (PUN MOST DEFINITELY INTENDED). When Taylor shaved off his bushy wildman playoff beard I hardly even recognized him!

I totally knew something looked different about him from the BlogHer pictures I was seeing! It is the stache! A lot of the firemen around these parts have the handlebar looking mustache thing, thankfully for me, my FireDH was in the military for 5 years and cannot stand hair on his face, or his hair getting any longer than his every 2 week haircut.
I love that the kids joined in the stache party… classic!

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