We’re not ready for a dog.

I’m grumpy enough when the kids get up before seven-zero-zero on their clocks, but the truth is that I no longer have to get up to help them go to the bathroom. They can use the bathroom and keep themselves busy until it’s actually time to get up (aforememtioned 7:00). A dog? Not so much. Also, I worry about travel issues. And hair. I shed enough.

But when I see pics like this of my sons with my uncle’s dog this past week?

Visit April 2011

My resolve is lessened a bit. But only a bit.

Ben, the dog, is the next litter brother of my parent’s Golden Retriever, Indiana.

Easter 2011


Both great dogs.

And so is Polar.

Visit April 2011

Even though I witnessed him throw up Easter grass.

And so is Fiona.


Even though she ate baby bunnies.

But we’re just not ready yet. And by we, yes I do mean the adults in the household. So, for now, we’ll just love on other people’s dogs. Because while I love pet cuddles, I know the commitment is huge and we’re just not there yet. So if I spend time just petting (or, uh, photographing) your dog when I visit your house, it’s simply me getting my fix.


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14 Replies to “Dogs”

  1. I finally caved back in March. Charlie had been asking for a dog for over a year. I had started wanting a dog too. Luckily she doesn’t need a midnight potty break. She goes out first thing in the morning when Charlie gets up. He lets her out. I totally get that the adults have to be ready though. We all had to agree when we would get a dog and what kind of dog. I most definitely recommend NOT getting a little puppy you have to housetrain. Ruby is a rescue and at 10 months old was already housebroken.

  2. I love our Lily dog, but there are days.. oh there are days where I fantasize about easily listing her on craigslist and being rid of her. I don’t, which is a testament of my love and commitment and all that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it.

  3. So, my husband took advantage of me when I was pregnant and we ended up with a puppy. In many ways, I’m glad we did because now Wee ‘Burb loves animals and isn’t afraid of dogs, which is good b/c our daycare provider has 2. But it’s definitely a hassle.

    A few wks ago when my husband was out of town for work, the dog woke up at 2 a.m. to go out, and then promptly barfed on our bed at 3. Then the baby woke up at 6 and by the time I tended to her, the dog had yakked in my closet.

    So there are definitely days where it’s too much. You’re probably making the right call.

  4. I am deeply in love and gratitude to my dogs, but that is because my kids are older and the baby dogs really helped me through tragedy. They are a lot of work and no one wants to watch them for a week if you go on vaca. You are correct in making that a priority in your thinking. My dogs are also my kids and when we go on vaca I worry about them. I’m so glad we have our new trailer this year so I can have all of the furry and non-furry kids close at hand :)

  5. I have a friend with 3 kids under 5, and she loves dogs, but knows they can’t do it right now. Her solution is dog-sitting for another of our friends. It’s like having a part time dog. She knows for a week or two it’ll be stressful, but the kids love the dog and it isn’t forever. The chocolate lab loves everyone and seems really happy at both places.

  6. by all means… wait until your kids have GROWN… so that they don’t have the responsibility of a dog.. or the love of one… really… they aren’t missing a thing… did I get my sarcasm on you? … sorry.

    1. Paula; No, you didn’t get sarcasm on me at all. You maybe got some misdirected anger thrown at me. But no, no sarcasm. Because this? This is a family decision. Are my kids ready? No. Did I have a dog at 5? No. Was I irreparably damaged that I didn’t get a dog until I was almost 8? No. Was I ready at 8? Kind of. Will I asses parental readiness, child readiness and space readiness at any given time so that I know I’m keeping on top of our family’s issue? Yes. So, really, thank you for your input. I appreciate your unnecessary judgment, but we will get a dog when it is right for our family. And, really, if that’s the only reason my kids need therapy, because I didn’t get them a dog when they were 3 and 5, well, I’ll consider myself a success.

      Have a lovely day.

  7. Paula, why do you feel like you have the right to make a judgement call on this situation? After you’ve set up camp in FireMom’s house and become intimately aware of her finances, as well as her physical and emotional capacities, by all means, feel free to report here on her performance as a mother.

    FireMom, we got two dogs before we adopted our daughter and there are honestly days when I would love to hand them off to a willing provider. If they were to die tomorrow (which would devastate us, to be clear), they would not be replaced with anymore canines for a very long time. You’re making the right decision.

  8. I am totally with you.

    I told my oldest when she was 7 she could get a dog. (My husband and I decided on that together.) She is 6 now. Her little sister is 4.

    And I have a 5 month old baby.

    I probably won’t be ready for a dog until Flora is 10, but I’m not sure I can get out of the deal I originally made. Shoot.

    1. When I was 4 or 5, my parents promised to take me to Disney World when I turned 8. 11 days before I turned 8, my brother was born. So, yes, I was pretty mad at the time (mostly because there was a screaming baby in my house), but we went when I was 10. Life seemed to have been okay. I don’t ever talk about that situation in therapy. ha!

  9. With 3 small kids – no way do I want a dog. I have enough poop to deal with as it is. They sure are cute though. Maybe some day when I’m only dealing with my poop.

  10. Jack wants a dog so badly! We won’t let him have one ’til he’s old enough to be fully responsible for it. We’ve just started making him responsible for feeding the cats and fish.

    We also have the “seven-zero-zero” rule. :0)

  11. We clearly took complete leave of our sense and adopted TWO doxie/? mixes from the same litter. You are more than welcome to journey to Chicago to pet them or photograph them any time you want…if you can get them to sit still long enough for either. I envy your resolve.

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