Firefighter Easter Bunnies… and an Elephant

You are all familiar with our Fire Christmas Tree.

Turns out that finding firefighter Easter decorations is decidedly more difficult. Thank goodness for the random that is eBay, because when I searched for an “easter bunny fire house,” I actually found one. No, really.

Easter Bunny Fire House

The fire house itself is actually a teapot-ish type thing. And I’m assuming all of the bunnies are female as they’re all in dresses. And they’ve somehow convinced an elephant to act as their fire hose. So diverse! Really, it’s quite tacky and garish and, quite honestly, that’s why I simply had to have it. I wish I had an every holiday fire house type tacky piece. It would fill my heart with so much joy!


I somehow managed to forget Easter Bunny pictures this year, but I’m okay with it. Let’s be honest: The Easter Bunny is kind of freaky (in the bad way) and is usually the lore-type-creature that ruins it for the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. So we’re going to keep a wide berth for the next few years.

All that said, my children are thrilled to be attending Easter services with my parents. I love — love — that their main focus is the church service and their family.

LB's Cross

Enjoy your Easter weekend whatever your plans may be.


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3 Replies to “Firefighter Easter Bunnies… and an Elephant”

  1. I seriously wonder if there is a normal non-scary or weird looking Easter Bunny at any mall on the planet? Charlie has outgrown the Bunny photo thing so we’re skipping it from now on too. Have a blessed Easter with your family!

  2. We accidentally saw the Easter Bunny today at the candy factory. Ariana got really close, stared for a minute and said ” I see a nose in there! And a mouth!” then she laughed her butt off as we quickly walked away.

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