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State of the ‘Stache: Five

We missed the State of the ‘Stache last week because someone was working overtime and someone else was kind of overwhelmed with work. Despite life getting in the way of photographic and humorous endeavors, the mustache continued to grow.

In fact, there was a fire this week. FireDad and one of his fellow mustache-growing firefighters agreed that the fire went so well because they are now be-mustached. I think perhaps they may have sucked in too much smoke to come to that conclusion, but I’m just glad that everyone was safe.

So, how’s it look?

State of the 'Stache: Week Five

I’m kind of getting used to it. I still sometimes look at him and think, “There’s something different.” Or I almost say, “There’s something on your face.” Well, yes. There is. It’s a mustache. But it’s catching me off guard less and less. In fact, when I look at the photo above, all I can see are my husband’s amazing green eyes. Dang those are nice eyes. And the mustache is fine too.

Apparently another fire wife on our shift told my husband to shave his mustache because he doesn’t “look as cute.” At which point he grunted and gave the face you’ve become used to seeing in this series (see above; it’s a slightly disgruntled, faux-tough-man look) and said, “Good! I’m sick of looking cute.” Too bad. You still look cute. You just have something on your lip.

Lastly, because everyone keeps asking why he’s sporting a consistent disgruntled, faux-tough-man look, I made him smile while I was taking the first two pictures. However, I didn’t look at my settings before and after I snapped, and he looked like a big shiny ghost man. With a mustache.

But I promise he smiles. With a mustache.

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I am SO a sucker for staches! Garth (not his real name) has a faux-tough-man goatee thing going and, well, after 20+ years together, I still think it makes him look hawt :)

When Taylor and I first started dating he had a horrible Morgan Spurlock mustache and after a couple dates I said to him “I’m sorry, but I can’t make out with you anymore with THAT THNG on your face,” and he shaved that very minute. That’s when I knew he was a keeper.

Now he’s all beardy all the time, which I can deal with, but idk if I could handle a mustache all by itself.

LOL at the “doesn’t look as cute” comment. My husband with facial hair = grown man. My husband without facial hair = 12-year-old. Cute isn’t always where it’s at.

You captured the eyes really well here; that’s what I kept noticing more than anything.

And I love the “horrible Morgan Spurlock mustache” comment; I pictured it exactly!

FireDad is looking kinda hunky with the mustache. Sorta early Tom Selleck. Definitely not quite as young and cutesy any more. Of course it could be the serious look on his face and not the mustache.

The Hubby shaved one night, and left a ‘stache. It took me 4 hours to notice, and when I did, I said, “WTF is that on your face?!” Ahem.

It could be worse; it could be a handle bar ‘stache.

Oh yes, now he definitely has the firefighter “look”, LOL!
FireMan has had a ‘stache so long that I kinda do the opposite – when he shaves I look at him funny trying to figure out what’s different.

Hubby was off for 15 days. On day 13 he shaved finally and came out with with a circle beard. Yes, I did google up a term for what in the world to call it just now. lol So it was mustache and just the partial beard. I liked it, it was very different. It made him look tough. Wish I would have taken a pic because he shaved it off with no warning yesterday :( I’m still bummed about it, but it annoyed him and he’s not used to having hair on his face or head. I plan on planting the idea to grow it again.

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