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Wordless Wednesday: Again With the Teeth

Pre-Loss Photos with Nina

Checking it out before hand

Nina pulls his tooth

And it's out

This is GROSS

Two down

His face is priceless

Looking closer

[Why, yes! I did drive him all the way to the dentist’s office so my Mother-in-Law could deal with the tooth… again.]

5 replies on “Wordless Wednesday: Again With the Teeth”

Oh, the look on his face! Funny! And although I know teeth ick you out, what a fun memory for him to have – going to have grandma deal with it while you get to take pics of it all.

I love his expression in that second-to-last picture. Too cute.

And you’re not the only one totally icked out by loose teeth. My mom decided when we were little that the tooth fairy paid more for teeth that came out at school, as opposed to at home where she had to see it.

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