We’re not ready for a dog.

I’m grumpy enough when the kids get up before seven-zero-zero on their clocks, but the truth is that I no longer have to get up to help them go to the bathroom. They can use the bathroom and keep themselves busy until it’s actually time to get up (aforememtioned 7:00). A dog? Not so much. Also, I worry about travel issues. And hair. I shed enough.

But when I see pics like this of my sons with my uncle’s dog this past week?

Visit April 2011

My resolve is lessened a bit. But only a bit.

Ben, the dog, is the next litter brother of my parent’s Golden Retriever, Indiana.

Easter 2011


Both great dogs.

And so is Polar.

Visit April 2011

Even though I witnessed him throw up Easter grass.

And so is Fiona.


Even though she ate baby bunnies.

But we’re just not ready yet. And by we, yes I do mean the adults in the household. So, for now, we’ll just love on other people’s dogs. Because while I love pet cuddles, I know the commitment is huge and we’re just not there yet. So if I spend time just petting (or, uh, photographing) your dog when I visit your house, it’s simply me getting my fix.


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I turned 30 on Monday.

And so far, I’ve had the best week of my 30’s.


Visit April 2011

Sure, I’ve been 30 for all of four days… but trust me, I just set the bar pretty high.