Note: Today Is Not Wacky Day

Back in the day, I went to Kindergarten on Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday. Mondays and Wednesdays were not an issue. That darn “every other Friday” thing got confusing with holidays, snow days and other general scheduling mayhem. My Mom did the best she could do, but on one fateful Friday morning, she sent me on the bus to my school on the wrong Friday.

I didn’t notice that there were different kids on my bus as only one girl in my class rode my bus and she didn’t always ride in the morning. I went bopping into my classroom and stopped short when I realized that I didn’t recognize one single kid in the room. Panic set in, tears started flowing and my teacher walked me to the office. I sat in the lobby and waited for my equally panicked Mom to pick me up. Not-quite-six-year-old me was traumatized for life. In fact, any time I wanted to stick it to my Mom, I reminded her of how she sent me to school on the wrong day.

Because what kind of parent does that, right?

Parenting karma sucks.

March has been difficult schedule wise. FireDad has been working extra overtime. I’ve been busy with some projects and deadlines. And since we’re busy, it figures that the school schedule would have extra stuff in it this month. Extra stuff never seems to happen in one of those easy, lazy months (though, it’s been awhile since we’ve had one of those…).

Case in point: I forgot preschool picture day a few weeks ago. And I was devastated.

A few (kind! beloved!) friends on twitter tried to tell me it was no big deal, but let’s remember one important point: I’m a photographer. Photos are kind of important to me, even if I don’t take them. And while I could easily take a great picture of my boys and claim it as a school picture, I’m mostly concerned with the class picture. Now my kids will look like the kids whose Mom forgot it was picture day. Because I did.

After an emotional collapse on my husband, I decided to get over it though. Yes, I’m a photographer. No, it’s not the end of the world. And if my kids someday look at the class picture and question why they’re wearing what they’re wearing, I’ll just blame them. (No? Okay, okay. I’ll blame their Dad.)

Which brings us to today…

Today I helped BigBrother get dressed for “Wacky Day” at school. He reminded us that it was Wacky Day, which made sense to me at the time as we love Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss. I started to second guess myself — and I couldn’t find the school calendar — so I called the preschool this morning and asked the younger kids’ teacher if it was Wacky Day for the big kids’ class. She said yes. So, BigBrother went to school looking like this:


Note: It's Not Wacky Day

She was wrong.

I realized the error as one of the teachers came out for drop off carrying a sign that read, “Wacky Day! Friday!” I may have cussed under my breath before I turned to face BigBrother.

It’s not Wacky Day.

Panic crossed his little face. “Oh no!

He ripped off his Shrek ears and Waldo glasses as I attempted to pull his soccer socks down off of his pant legs and fold them over like regular socks. I was thankful — oh so thankful — that he had outgrown his sandals, as I had been planning on having him wear one sneaker and one sandal. At least he was wearing matching shoes. As one of the big kids’ class teachers opened our car door, I sucked up all of my pride.

Mrs. Teacher, can you help BigBrother turn his shirt the right way. I thought it was Wacky Day today.
“It’s Friday.”
I know. Now.

When I picked the boys up, BigBrother’s sweater was on right-side out. He didn’t seem to be traumatized, which is good. On Friday, we’ll gather up the Shrek ears and the Waldo glasses and a different sweater and pair of pants and we’ll do it all over again.

But FireDad is taking them to school on Friday. I need a break. I’ll probably call my Mom on Friday morning and apologize for all those years of chastising her for one messed up morning. I can’t even count my messed up mornings anymore and my kids aren’t even officially in elementary school.

Note: It's Not Wacky Day

I’m doomed.


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15 Replies to “Note: Today Is Not Wacky Day”

  1. I never thought that 2 adults could spend so much time in front of a calendar that has squares big enough for an OR to use to schedule surgeries in, till Liam started school.

    And he looks ADORABLE for wacky day!!!!

  2. I failed at preschool, prek and am continuing my trend in Kindergarten. Hey, at least I’m consistent.

    We have a paper calender on the fridge in the kitchen, I have a small calendar planner on my desk in my office, and my calendar on my iPhone. I haven’t found a computer calendar that I like enough to use consistently yet.

    Luckily I’m not in charge of the mornings since I’m at work by 7am. I do get blamed for not keeping Hubby current on Kinder happenings though.

    Thankfully Kindergarten doesn’t seem to have as many things going on like preschool does in regards to dress up days.

  3. You have to figure out if BB was traumatized by the events before you beat yourself up, woman. He may not have at all been bothered, what with that boy thing he has going on and all that confidence you’ve worked so hard to teach him to have. And even if he is traumatized? Pfft. If that’s the best he can do when he’s telling horror stories about his mom in 20 years, then he’ll be in incredibly good shape. :-)

    1. That one brief second of panic in his eyes was kind of sad. I felt really bad. He hasn’t really mentioned it again. We’ll see if it comes up when he’s 15 and I forget to pick him up from some practice and he’s mad at me because I’m the Worst Mom Ever.

  4. I am so sorry my friend, but trust me it just gets crazier-I am not sure what my kids have been traumatized by, but I am sure that it is lots.

    Also I agree with Michelle, because she is genius, even if she does live in Enemy Territory. *snort*

  5. Aw, we’ve all been there. Potato isn’t even in preschool yet, and I have those moments! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Or, if you wish, drown that misery with a beautiful glass of wine when the kiddos are in bed :D

  6. Oh, I owe my mom so. many. apologies. So many.

    For the photo, just say that’s what they wanted to wear. Tell them you didn’t want to cramp their style. You should see what my toddler wears to daycare: I figure the wackier the better, so people *know* I didn’t pick it out :)

  7. I screwed up pre-school pictures the last year of Mim’s preschool he showed up in a hoodie. Amazingly, the photo taken was one of the best of him at that time.

    As parents, it is our job to give our kids something to needle us about. Otherwise, they think perfection is the norm ;)

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