When One Sport Ends, Another Begins

Last Soccer Game

Indoor soccer is over.

On the one foot, I’m glad. Our Sundays are our own again. I can stop being frustrated with the crazy awful lighting in that particular gymnasium (perhaps the worst I’ve ever shot). Kids can stop hacking and coughing on my kids one less day per week.

Last Soccer Game

On the other foot, they had a good time.

LittleBrother learned a lot… not exactly about soccer, but about being a part of something, listening to a coach and not always getting to be the star (or, ever kicking the ball…). BigBrother learned to work better with teammates and really looked out for his brother. And they had a lot of fun.

Last Soccer Game

Plus, LittleBrother finally got to do something BigBrother did. And he got his very own trophy… which he kinda loves, if you couldn’t tell.

We only have a couple weeks off before t-ball starts. At least it will be outdoors!


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3 Replies to “When One Sport Ends, Another Begins”

  1. I missed the deadline to register for outdoor soccer (which was January 1, so I refuse to say I’m a shmuck for missing it), so we’re stuck with the Y for indoor soccer. Me no happy about it, but it does look like the boys had fun, so maybe I’ll be OK.

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