Happy St. Patrick’s Day (Don’t Be These Guys)

I keep wanting to find time to tell you about our St. Patrick’s Day weekend, but I’ve been busy with some projects (have you seen BlogHer‘s redesign? It’s beautiful!) and deadlines (lots of ’em) and kids (man, they’re noisy). Maybe I’ll get to it. Maybe I won’t. I will share an annual “our shoes in the elevator” of the Omni William Penn hotel in Pittsburgh. In fact, have two!

Now, I’m off to get cooking. We’re having:

I hope you have a very green day. Just lay off the green beer… or you’ll look like these guys by the end of your evening.

Oh, man. That was funny. (But only because FireDad and I were responsible drinkers — as you should be too.)


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I got Hubby his annual gift of Guinness beer! Thats as funky as we get for this day of green. Elle did look very Irish today in her green dress and funny hat. Her leprakan (spell) trap didn’t work :( So no gold for us today!

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